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Synapse in Northern California Mountains and Tristar in Close Quarters

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    Synapse in Northern California Mountains and Tristar in Close Quarters

    Here are a couple of shots of my Synapse on a recent day hike in the mountains of Northern California. It was my first time hiking with it and it performed very well. It was light, and moved well, even while I was scrambling and jumping from rock to rock. I was very excited to be able to use my 2 liter water bag in the back pocket... though it had to be somewhat underfilled (the drinking tube is visible in the picture). Overall, I couldn't be happier. The synapse has made for an excellent every day bag. I love the compartmentalization that means there is room in the smaller pockets even when the main compartment. and is proving itself as adept on the trail (even for a reasonably long day hike)... and the ability to use a water pouch effectively is great.

    The Tristar also proved it's worth this weekend... coming up to Seattle the flight was packed and the overhead bins stuffed. Many folks had to check their carry on bags after getting on. I was told I had to check mine, but I was able to fit it in between two large wheeled space hogs effortlessly. The picture doesn't do justice the poetry and satisfaction of the moment. Though I didn't get a picture of it, the Synapse was nestled comfortable under the seat... it makes a great personal item since it's so easy to find what I want.
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    Hey Loki:
    Thanks for these. A question: did you put the water pouch in the main compartment or in the front compartment which is meant for water bottles? I like that you can put in a water pouch since I use one too. From the pictures, it seems like the hose is coming from the front zippered pouch rather than the back.


      Hiking with the synapse

      the water pouch is in the water bottle pocket (center back) not the main compartment. For this trip I packed a waterproof shell, a spare fleece, socks, bandana, several cliff bars, iphone (charger and car kit), small first aid kit, leatherman, sunglasses and a headlamp. There was plenty of room in the main compartment for more... and I can easily imagine packing a large lunch/snacks etc. etc.

      I also had a my trecking pole with me, and did find myself wishing there was an easy way to carry it on the outside of the synapse.

      For more serious trips I'll probably stick with my Osprey, but with the synapse, I get to take something with me on any flight that serves as a terrific personal item... and can allow me to do all but the most strenuous of day hikes. Pretty cool.


        Loki: thanks--that is very helpful to know.
        Yes: I wish there was some discreet way to have a couple of lash points even--Tom could design removable last points much like the waist and sternum straps..that wd be awesome!


          Beautiful pictures, Loki, and great scenery. That's the Synapse in Navy and the Tri-Star in steel? A very nice shot of the way the Tri-Star fits into the overhead bin, and the pull-handles. I also agree that the Synapse fits neatly under every seat I've tried -- even the ones with video box equipment occupying part of the space.



            Yep that's the synapse in Navy/Solar and the Tristar in Steel/Solar. I wasn't sure about solar before I ordered... thought it might be too 'flashy' for my taste, but I'm a total convert, I absolutely love it, and it really does help to find things inside.


              hi loki,

              those are just beautiful pictures! well done!


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                  maverick is back! :)
                  hi darcy!

                  yes, it's good to be back! :)