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2 Brain Bags, 2 Large Cafe Bags, 1 Swift, 1 Small Cafe Bag and other TB accessories.

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    2 Brain Bags, 2 Large Cafe Bags, 1 Swift, 1 Small Cafe Bag and other TB accessories.

    Recently, my husband and I went on assignment for a month and half out of state, we took the car. In the middle of that assignment was a plane trip for a conference.

    On the car trip.

    Brain Bag #1: contained in one compartment, a Freudian Slip with various paperwork and 2 Large Pouches with more paperwork inside.
    In front I managed to slip in various zip lock bags containing scarves and other small accessories.
    The other compartment held 2 sets of night clothes and many foundation garments.

    Brain Bag#2: 3 pair of heavy casual winter pants, one pair of casual shoes one pair one pair of dress winter weight pants, 1 pair light weight dress pants, 3 long sleeve cardigans, 10 pairs of socks both casual and dress.
    The load was balanced between the two compartments but I don't remember how.

    Large Cafe Bag #1: Clear Quarter Packing Cube with makeup/Beauty things on one side. Fully stuffed.
    Plastic ustensil and napkins on the other side
    Glasses in Clear Pouch, Sunglasses, 1 hat and 5 various Pouches containing miscellaneous items.
    Yarn Stuff Sack with a medium size skein of yarn, plastic canvas squares, and a small pouch for needles.

    Large Cafe Bag #2 Various electronic things.

    Small Cafe Bag: Junior size paperwork and various other things, it was brought to wear at the conference. One Pen Pouch and One Medium Pouch for writing instruments.

    Swift: fitted with a Packing Cube Shoulder Bag in Steel containing many thin junior size manuals.
    One pocked held a small bottle of ink securely wrapped in two layers of ziplock and other small things designed to keep the bottle upright.
    The other pocked contained a small pen box with writing instruments.

    Aeronaute Packing Cube: Another hat, and various accessories or soft, crush proof items.

    I took the Large Cafe Bag and the Swift in the front seat with me.

    The other bags were placed in the trunk on top of a huge duffel containing my husband things and under a light folding garment bag for our shirts and my dress jackets.

    We also had a couple of non-TB bags that contained food for the road.

    The return trip was even more challenging as we had a couple of large fragile items in the trunk. My husband put his upright duffel bag on the side to secure the items and I packed small and soft bags around them and both Brain Bags had to fit on one side of the back seat.

    For the plane rides.

    2 Brain Bags: one for my husband clothes, one dress pant, one dress shirt, dress and casual socks, two ties, one pair of jeans, a couple of tees, foundation garnments, various toiletry, various electronic.
    One for my clothes, 4 dress tees, 2 shirts, 2 cardigans, 2 dress pants, 1 light pant, accessories and paperwork inside the Aeronaute Packing Cube and Packing Cube Shoulder Bag in Steel.

    I don't remember the exact packing configuration for each compartment but everything fitted.

    2 Large Cafe Bags: one with various things, brochures... etc and one used as a purse.

    This set up is perfect for short trips. It holds everything we need, make security check a breeze, I keep the 3-1-1 in the back pocket of the Cafe Bags or on top of the Brain Bags, depending on space.
    Most time, we are not even asked to take them out.

    On the way to the venue, due to an early departure flight, a complicated and walk intensive airport, I went the opposite way of my gate and only made it to the right gate after the first wave of passengers had started boarding.

    I credit my Tom Bihn Bags for being able to make my flight, I ran after I discovered I went the wrong way.

    I would never had been able to do that with the bags I owned before.

    During car rides my poor TB bags are having it rougher than I would like, I also feel the same when they are moved around the conveyor belt at security.
    I try to place the Brain Bags belly up and I place the Cafe Bags in the buckets.

    Either by car or plane the secret to pack tight and with style is to use Tom Bihn Bags. :)
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