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Awesome products, awesome service!

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    Awesome products, awesome service!

    I heard about your brain bag in a pre-law discussion board, but since I was stubborn, I decided to wait until I started law school to see if I actually needed a new bag. After a week and a half of throwing my laptop into my backpack (without a laptop sleeve or anything) I realized how much I had at stake if something were to happen to my computer.

    My daily law school experience involves bringing my laptop, at least two casebooks (appx 3" thick each), my lunch, a sweatshirt, a bottle of water, writing utensils, and my power supply. It's a hefty load, and up until recently I was forced to carry my casebooks in-hand, and juggle my lunch/water bottle on top.

    This past Saturday, I drove all the way from Eugene, OR to Port Angeles, WA to see the bags in person. The guy working there was extremely helpful (unfortunately I forgot his name), and he even let me pack all your "demo" books into a backpack to see how much the brain bag could take. I am extremely pleased with how rugged your products are. I feel confident in being able to keep my laptop inside the monolith (which is then inside the brain bag) and knowing that it won't be nearly as susceptible to damage.

    I think if you could spread the news to incoming law students, or even current law students, your sales would increase quite a bit! We are a unique group of people, in that we rely heavily upon our laptops, as well as several large textbooks on a daily basis.

    If it would help you guys out to have pictures of my bag packed full with casebooks, let me know, as I will be happy to send you pictures!

    Thank you so much!

    P.s. my boyfriend was so impressed with your products, that he ended up getting a monolith also!

    hey colleen and ben!* let me just say it was a complete pleasure to assist you in your selections this past saturday. you guys were great. thanks so much for driving all the way up from eugene!

    we would definitely love to see any pics of you and your new TB bag that you care to share. darcy (our marketing VP and forum moderator) suggests you either post your pic(s) here in the forum, or send them to her at "[email protected]". we'd really like to see 'em.

    best of luck to you both in law school! don't hesitate to drop by again next time you're in the area.

    *okay so i admit i cheated and double-checked your names on your receipts. but i mean it sincerely when i say you guys were great...



      Sorry it took me so long, but, well....law student = slave to reading. Anywho, here are some pictures. I will also email larger copies to Darcy, but I figured some of your forum readers might want to see what the Brain Bag is capable of! My apologies for blurring some text names out, but I don't want any legal issues from my textbook publishers!

      This is a picture of everything that I have that I may need to put in my backpack. Most days, I don't need all my textbooks, but it's been known to happen. I have my textbooks, laptop, iPod, iPod cable, notebook lock, a notepad and folder for handouts, a water bottle, and my laptop power supply.

      This is a better view of just how many textbooks I have. They total around 12 inches tall.

      Of course my laptop goes into my Wasabi Monolith...

      In the same compartment, I can hold three books and my water bottle.

      On top of that, I can fit three more books, and my laptop power supply.

      The other compartment can hold two more books, plus my notepad and folder.

      iPod, iPod cable, and notebook lock go in the left pocket...

      A few highlighters and pens go into the right pocket.

      And voila!! I fit everything except ONE textbook in the backpack. And to give you an idea of how much weight it's carrying...

      And all this is being carried by a girl who is 5'3", and appx 117 lbs. Yes...this means I am carying around 1/3 of my body weight on my back.

      Thanks again! I hope this info helps some people who are deciding whether or not to get a brain bag!


        Sorry for the highjacking but I figured someone would be interested in seeing how much you can get into a ID bag as well.
        I shot some pictures of this a few months ago, no fancy webpage I'm afraid just a few large pictures in a directory:

        Take a look if you need to know what bag is the right size.

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