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LOVE my new Brain Bag

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    LOVE my new Brain Bag

    The folks at Tom Bihn have saved my back!

    I'm a part-time student that works full time, and am currently taking an organic chemistry class, as well as a lab. That means that I have to schlep not only a ginormous textbook, but the thick study guide with the answers to problems IN the textbook, my notebook for lecture, my lab text, and my lab notebook with me almost every day, since I work on homework on my lunch hours. I also carry my IBM Thinkpad T43 with me every day.

    I stand a total of 5 feet 2 inches on a good day, and had been carrying all of this around in an old Kensington Saddlebag backpack that I got when I got my LAST notebook computer, about 4 years ago. The straps were thin and threatening to give out under the weight, and there just wan't room for everything that I needed to carry. I was also afraid for my computer, as the padding in the notebook sleeve was minimal.

    I stumbled onto your website about a week ago, and after agonizing about the price, I bit the bullet and ordered a brain bag (steel), brain cell (crimson)and snake charmer(also crimson). They came yesterday and I am ecstatic. The bag is full of my books, computer, purse and padded sunglasses case, and while it's heavy, the load is no longer backbreaking. The craftsmanship is awesome, and it looks good.

    I just wanted to thank you for creating a good looking, well constructed bag that will carry my beloved T43 in comfort, accomodate two classes worth of textbooks and notebooks, and still have room for my daily necessities. Three cheers for Tom Bihn Bags!

    Albany, NY

    The ultimate awesomeness of the Brain Bag

    Glad you enjoy the Brain Bag! I have resurrected my Brain Bag and recently started carrying it again after a short period of non-use where I thought I could get by with carrying all of my stuff in the ID. I was terribly wrong... I carry my life on my back most days and the ID, though wonderful, is usually not quite big enough.


      I love the design of all Tom Bihn's bags but I have to carry heavy load on my back to avoid leg, shoulder... problems.

      Also the Brain Bag is sturdy. It's an ideal bag for plaine travel since the security line are now so long and hurried.

      Also, it's waterproof, so it can house stuff u don't want to see damaged such as correspondance and craft projects even gifts.


        The picture do NOT do this bag justice. This bag according to the stats is not THAT much bigger than my Da Kine laptop bag but when all is aid and done, i have never seen such an amazingly pure use of space!

        I will put it to you like this: the following BARELY fit in my backpack that iw ould use to commute to work every day (5.5 mile ride each way).

        -Clothes (Jeans/shirt/etc)
        -Toiletries - Soap, Shampoo, etc (i shower at the gym at work)
        -my lunch (which is generally a large tupperware of leftovers, water, etc)

        With the Brain Bag, i can fit all of it IN JUST THE MAIN COMPARTMENT!! It is very comfortable on your shoulder (i have read reviews of people who have carried up to 20 + pounds on their backs iwth this bag). I really have no complains at all!

        My back gets sweaty but then again im biking 4 miles. All in all - it is worth EVERY SINGLE PENNY! it was worth the wait!


          An updated review. Since February my Brain Bag has been with me on two important plane trips.

          One was in April with the Brain Bag containing 2 laptops (one in a Soft Cell, one in a Monolith), a Freudian Slip for my most important papers and 2 medium organiser pouches containing various cables.

          Since I was moving cross country I designated the Brain Bag as my data toting bag so it also contained an external hardrive, webcam, all my softwares and backup cds.

          It was very heavy and hubby had to shlep it.

          At the security checkpoint, I was able to show the laptops for inspection with no problem, even if I was very nervous as hubby was handling our cat's inspection at the same time.
          I have to say that at that very minute I put the inspected laptops back in their sleeves without trouble, I was looking at my cat being hauled out slowly from her pet carrier.

          The Brain Bag hauled the extremely heavy and precious load without trouble. [not the cat, the computers! :)]

          On the second trip I packed the Brain Bag as my carry-on.
          It hauled 3 pairs of pants,two shirts, one pair of shoes, T's, a polartec vest, a light wind breaker, sleep apparel. I left a large space in the front main compartment for easy in and out of ziplock containing the liquid items.
          The small front pockets: (who I swore could not carry anything), one had my needle work project in a folded quart plastic bag and the other had two maps. The upper front pocket was carrying my phone charger. I also brought my two medium organizer pouches.

          This time, I, was carrying the bag and it's very comfortable. I carried it with and without the waist strap/sternum strap.
          I have very slopping shoulders and was afraid the bag would not stay on but with the weight of the stuff it hauls it does stay on my shoulders.

          All in all a wonderful bag!

          On a side note, the bag that I have always "borrowed from hubby" started falling apart when he took it on his last trip.
          I envision an Aeronaute to replace it.
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