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My Tom Bihn Wristlet

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    My Tom Bihn Wristlet

    As lovely as Tom Bihn bags are, I hate carrying a purse. I use the small or medium cafe bag on a daily basis, but when I am running into a store I would prefer to carry something small. Usually I will put my wallet, key and phone into my pockets, but frequently I don't have pockets, or they are not the right size. So I created the Tom Bihn wristlet, which I keep in my cafe bags and I grab when I am going into a store.

    It is actually a small clear organizer pouch with two keystraps. I will order a 16" keystrap in my next order to use instead of the two 8" ones. It holds my blackberry, big skinny wallet, and key fob. Perfect!
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    nice. really nice. talk about minimalism!