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Brain to Africa?

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    Brain to Africa?

    There I was scrambling around giving things away. We where about to ship out and I heard they where going to be serious about the weight limits and I was way over. In desperaation I ended up giving my Empire Builder (!) to another volunteers father. Later I would find that it was just a bunch of talk, and I could have gotton it in... No matter, what I reaally need is a backpack to put my remaining brain cell with it's 17" powerbook in. It is a red braincell (Went nicely with the grey and red Empire Builder) but now it reminds me of a Dominos Pizza delivery bag, which can be almost heartbreakinng, here in Cape Verde. (No delevery, and the pizza is pretty primitive, but tasty)

    So my question is, can you ship to Cape Verde, Africa? Worth a shot?

    All the best,

    Robert, Peace Corps, Cape Verde

    Hi Robert,

    I shipped your order out today and earlier sent an email containing your package tracking information. I checked the USPS website before shipping out your Brain Bag and apparently merchandise via Express Mail is allowed so you should be all set. I can't wager a guess as to what customs fees & taxes you might be subject to upon receipt of your shipment but if you care to share that information, it would be good reference material for future customers.

    Sorry to hear about your Empire Builder but I think you'll be quite pleased with the Brain Bag setup that's on it's way. Thanks for your enthusiasm and continued patronage.

    Your friendly Tom Bihn Shipping Manager,



      It was a lot of dough for a guy on a fixed budget, but I am sold on your crazy product line.

      Right now I am using a PacSafe backpack, which is interesting, but there is just not enough crime here to warrent carrying around a portable safe. Plus there is no way my laptop can fit in it, so I am always carrying two things.

      It will be quite nice just to have a box from the states, let alone my first Brain Bag. So far the post office has been pretty nice about the tax, perhaps it is the city hall address, but a couple of other volunteers have had horror stories. So no matter what happens to me YMMV. Plus this country has less then half a million cool folks as citizens, so you probably won´t have much traffic from here.

      Time to go drink Scotch and eat sea snails!

      Very many thanks,



        Brain Case in Africa...

        It somehow raced around a couple of other earlier shipped things to arrive yesterday. And despite my roomates best efforts to send it back, and post offices denial of its existence, it has made it to me.

        It cost me nothing to collect it here at the post office in Sal.

        It looks sharper than I thought it would. I am quite happy, except it made me slightly home sick for some reason...

        Now to drag it all over the place, from the bar to beach to Portugal and back to bar, I will give it a work out. ;-)

        Very many thanks!


        (One note, thosee cool little plastic wallets do not do well with Escudos. YMMV. Mine will need to await my return home. Unless Euros fit?)
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          Hi Robert,

          Glad to hear your Brain Bag, Monolith and full array of accessories arrived safe and sound and ahead of schedule! Thanks for letting me know that customers aren't subject to customs and excise taxes when we ship to SAL. That's useful information I can potentially share with future customers. Although as far as I know, you're our first and only Cape Verde Island customer. We appreciate the update on the status of your order and your enthusiastic commentary! I hope the bags continue to work out well for you. If you're inclined to send us some photos of your Brain Bag in use, we'd love to see those as well.

          Thanks again!