I am a bag junkie. I have many different kinds shapes sizes. I though it was time to get a man bag. I ordered the Small Cafe Bag in Black and Wasabi I also ordered the Co-Pilot in Black and Dyneema.
They both are outstanding.
1. The Cafe bag is perfect for the weekend run around town and holds a lot of stuff-Wallet, keys, mini pouches with change ( I use two-one for Yen and one for American change-perfect) small pouch with camera, Oakley sunglass case and Ipod. It is just perfect and looks great to boot. My wife thinks it looks great. The black and wasabi are a perfect combination together.

2. The Co-Pilot is my daily bag now and as I used to carry a backpack type bag it was to big. This bag is perfect. The pocket locations could not be more well designed. They are easy to access and I am amazed at how much room I still have in the bag. After all my junk is in there and a small change of clothes and my Starbucks double wall tumbler fits perfectly in the the drink pocket.

Thanks Tom-Bihn.
I have a list of bags I want to get.
1. Ego
2. Tri-star or Aeronaut
3. Ristretto
4. ID
The list could go on. These bags are so well made and look so good.