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In praise of Tom Bihn's Purse Like Objects (PLOs)

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    In praise of Tom Bihn's Purse Like Objects (PLOs)

    It is Labor Day 2021, I am doing watercolor, between choosing each watercolor pencil in the perfect shade, and picking up the water color brush, secured on top of its tiny water bottle, I glance at the paper supplies nestled inside my Large Shop Bag in UV, which has been retired from everyday PLO service, at the beginning of the pandemic.

    My UV Large Shop Bag came from one of the first produced batch, I don't remember exactly when, maybe a decade ago, 5 years, for certain, because I took a trip to the Mothership and it was my personal item, for at least 2 plane trips, this one and another, which, in retrospect, was not such a good idea, for someone who gets soo exited about travel, that I forget to re-secure items, if they were disturbed at security.

    While the Large Shop Bag was able to carry everything but the kitchen sink, I kid you not, here is the list:

    A Small Cafe Bag, full of EDC stuff.
    A Medium Yarn Suff Sack for a couple of small needlework projects.
    A Medium Padded Pouch for my Kobo tablet.
    A Large Pouch for reservations paperwork.
    A Large Reusable water bottle
    My FJN
    In the airport, my outer layers.

    I placed it side ways under the seat and some stuff started to roll out, when I forgot to close the Small Cafe Bag inside the LSB, so, in retrospect, it was user's error.
    I usually placed a Packing Cube Shoulder Bag secured with the 2 O-rings, to serve as a zippered pocket, but when I was traveling, I just wanted small TB Accessories, all tethered to the O-rings, in order to cram more stuff.

    The Large Shop Bag is just perfect for car trips, as it secures snacks, meals and drinks brought from home, bakeries and rest stops along the way. Someone, in the family, is always up for a snack, not me.

    On my trip to the Mothership, I tried on the Pop Tote. Instant love, it is the perfect, professional looking, fashionable, yet classic, PLO.

    I placed my EDC in it, I would have bought it, right there, if it hasn't been in black. It was sooo perfect, I left my Mini Q-Kit in its self designed pocket. Navy Q-Kit + black bag + excitement = snafu

    My charger was in the Mini Q-Kit, panic ensued, I was able to retrieve the items the next day. Miles of apologies to the TB Crew for being such an airhead. I bought a Mini Q-Kit in another color and re-purposed the Navy one.

    Back to the Pop Tote, honestly, I want it in all the colors, except Coyote, its a Classic, meant to be collected, which gives a run for his money to French Classic designer purse and it is animal friendly, non-leather, to boot.

    Seriously, if you are planning your Autumn colors wardrobe or are already a big fan of brown or green hues, Ursa and Wilderness are -the- perfect, classic chocolate and dark green pine colors.
    Burn Orange and Coyote are just perfect to associate with all the Fall leaves colors, brighten Black and Navy overcoats and look fabulous with Cream or Winter White puffy jackets or festive outfits.

    I, nor the Pop Tote, can do anything to redeem the ugly sweater trend, which seems to be a thing of the past. Thankfully.

    I am already plotting the sequences of Pop Tote acquisitions to match with the Side Kick, Side Effect, EDC Cubelet and Cubelet.

    All 5 make perfect gifts for a special someones.

    Recently, The Crew, produced the Zippered Shop Bags, perfect for yours truly, the absent minded shlep holder; indispensable, since pandemic time.

    I went from the LSB or S19 to the EDC Cubelet and Pouch for my phone, for fast errands runs.

    However, I still need a Zippered PLO for visits to the family close by, this is where the Zippered Shop Bags have been shining.

    I can take many items, including special diet stuff, layers of clothing, EDC Cubelet and Cubelet as well as Stuff Sacks for masks and other things, including watercolor cards I make for special occasions.

    If back to everyday activity in person or still zooming and internet shopping, the Small Zippered Shop Bag will be a great EDC for a picnic at the local park, or on campus lawn for the early days of Spring or Fall and a pick me up every single day, no matter the time, or, the weather.

    And the Large Zippered Shop Bag, perfect EDC all year round, especially when it is time to think about gathering thoughtful gifts, from local small businesses, to be ready for the Holidays.

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    I was using the oSSB or oLSB as my under the seat item on flights a lot, so that the A30 could be on my back. Once the zip versions came out, I've mostly switched to using those for the flights (so stuff can't roll out as easy) but I love the open top ones for pretty much every other use case (around the house, as a car bag, and even as a shop bag! )

    Right now I have two Pop Totes in my car during my trip: one filled with beading supplies (incredibly heavy) and one with paperbacks. I'll have to go count, but you can fit A LOT of books in a Pop Tote.
    I like all the blues and greys...and all the happy citrus colours too! My search unicorn is the Sapphire Dyneema original Small Shop Bag...