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My two cents on Shadow Guide

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    My two cents on Shadow Guide

    ​I wanted to give my preliminary views on the Shadow Guide 23 I just got. I didn't see many reviews of this bag for one bag travel, so I wanted to give reasons why I went with it, and some photos of how I packed.

    I chose the SG23 because:
    1. I liked that there were not many exterior pockets to worry about pickpocketing. I use buses and trains a lot.
    2. I love the lid pockets. It makes all the difference to me versus other bucket bags. Especially the orientation of the zip.
    3. It looks more modern and young than a lot of TB bags (in my opinion).
    4. I'm 5'8 and short waisted. I wanted a something that wouldn't *quite* look like a box on my back. The slouchiness is a plus to me.
    5. I want to move toward packing less. I have a 40 litre already and always seem to pack heavy. Smaller bag means you *can't* bring more.
    6. The bag is a good size for sightseeing/shopping.
    7. I use packing cubes, bags, pouches regularly anyways so dividing the space works fine for me. I tend not to use all the dedicated pockets my other bag offers.
    On to what I packed for a fake trip and pics. Please excuse the dirty mirror.

    SG23 packed from a corner view:
    Click image for larger version

Name:	20211023_115600.jpg
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    SG23 on the back, side view:
    Click image for larger version

Name:	20211023_115618b.jpg
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    SG23 on the back, back view:
    Click image for larger version

Name:	20211023_115633b.jpg
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    In the lid pocket I have a North Street Pioneer 9. It has billion pockets, can be used as a hip pack, small purse or hung from the bucket's O rings when the SG23 in daypack mode. It takes up half the height of the lid pocket. I plan to use this for quick access items while getting through the airport (phone, ID, tickets, etc). In daypack mode, I'd use the lid pocket for a my water bottle, scarf, whatevs. I forgot to add my laptop charger. I'd prob put it in the lid pocket if I needed to work on the plane, or in the bucket if I didn't.

    The side pockets are for tiny things: left for tech (folding mouse, cords, plugs, earbuds), right for purse stuff (lip balm, pencil, hand sanitizer, ear plugs, eye mask)
    Click image for larger version

Name:	20211023_115719.jpg
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    The bucket I have a 21oz Hidrate water bottle, 2 small eBags packing cubes, an IKEA bag as my toiletry bag and a packable down jacket. There's a bit of space, but I'd rather not pack it out if I don't need to. I plan on bringing an empty dry bag to do laundry.
    Click image for larger version

Name:	20211023_115920.jpg
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    The laptop is the bane of my travels. I'm blessed to be able to work remotely but my laptop is heavy! It's a 15.6" HP Zbook G3. I need to load the laptop before packing or I'll never get the zipper closed. There is no more room, it's a VERY tight fit, but it fits. I think it may render the back panel useless as it gives a flat, hard, structured and is a lil awkward. The shoulder straps truly are amazing to hand the weight. I also am a fan of using the waist belt and chest strap to change weight balances.
    Click image for larger version

Name:	20211023_120039.jpg
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ID:	336762 Clothes packed is completely theoretical, bc it'd depend on the weather of course. But I packed some of my favorite clothes when I travel.
    merino wool sweater, sleeveless dress, quick dry top, quick dry leggings, black skinny jeans, pajama set, blouse, cotton undies, a bathing suit that can double as underwear.
    Toiletries is half stuff from my last trip, half random things. Missing is a detangler brush. I usually buy a full sized conditioner for my curly hair when I get wherever I'm going. Soap is sometimes in a GoToob sometimes a Dove bar cut in half.
    Click image for larger version

Name:	20211023_120355.jpg
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ID:	336767

    Things I'd like to buy still: strap keepers and a colored key strap for my work token (CANNOT lose that!)

    I hope this helps someone!
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    This is such a great review and I must say I appreciate your pop of pink color accents:)


      Thanks for posting! I used a 23L Shadow Guide together with a small cross-body bag as my *only* bags for a 27-day trip to Mexico this summer, and thought the SG23 worked very well for minimalist travel. The trick, as you've correctly noted, is organization. I put most of my things into four packing cube shoulder bags -- two for rolled pants and shirts, two more for other stuff, including socks, underwear, and a rain jacket. I also used a clear 3DOC for my 3-1-1, and a mesh 3DOC for tech (charger, cables, etc.)
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