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    Originally posted by bleepbloop View Post
    I know this comes up in basically every discussion of Taiga, but incredible how much the color can change based on context (much lighter, pastel-y green than I expected)!
    I don't think either version of Taiga get enough love, they're both really nice and totally change depending on the lighting as you note.
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      I'm not sure how I've either never seen this while browsing the TB website and forum, or else consistently overlooked it.

      Right now I'm using one of those cheap black rectangular nylon type gym bags, and aside from its very minimal organization, one thing I hate about it is its utter shapelessness. It dissolves into an unmanageable puddle when mostly empty, and takes on all kinds of weird shapes depending on what and how much is packed inside. I'm guessing that this bag, especially in a 1050 ballistic, would be much more structured and hold its shape? (Yet still be malleable enough to stuff into a locker at the gym?)

      I'm curious how y'all think my stuff would fit into its TomBihn TARDIS space and organization pockets? Typically I carry:

      - 1 pair size 11 running shoes (pretty stiff, not very compressible)
      - 1 moderately fluffy bath towel
      - 1 matching hand towel
      - up to 3 2XLT cotton gym shirts (tho I should probably switch these to a thinner athletic material 🤔)
      - 1 pair knee-length gym shorts
      - Fresh shirt, overshirt, socks and underwear (to dress up after showering off)
      - Mesh shower tote bag with small shampoo, body wash, and scrubby puff
      - Assortment of deodorant stick, comb, hair gel, etc.

      I also keep a combination padlock looped to the outside of the bag to secure my locker while at the gym … which it sounds like one of those external lash tabs might be perfect for.

      Any thoughts from folks who've used one of these bags before? Thanks! :)
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