You probably already know if you’re the kind of person who wants a little tray to collect and tidy small items. I am one of those people, and I really like the Tray Bien.

As bchaplin said in her thread, there isn’t too much you can say about a small fabric covered tidy tray, but since I have so many tidy trays and baskets, I am confident in my opinion. What I like about it is the high, straight sides, which allow you to put them side by side or sneak them into a corner for a very efficient use of space. I love the solid color and unobtrusive aesthetic. I love the size of the small one because it can sit sneakily on a wide windowsill or small night table. I’m a big fan and I am definitely going to order more this afternoon if there are any left.

I am uploading as attachments pics of my small Tray Bien (given to me free of charge by TB for honest feedback) along with a selection of my baskets and trays.
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