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Swift vs Cambiata vs ADX26 for knitting/crafting

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    Swift vs Cambiata vs ADX26 for knitting/crafting

    Here’s a quick photo comparison of the regular/original size 16L Swift vs the 21L Cambiata vs the 26L Addax.
    The Cambiata & ADX26 were provided for my review from TB over the past couple of months - my opinions are oh so my own. I posted a very similar version on Ravelry per someone's request for comparison.

    All of these bags work for my knitting and jewelry making hobbies. They all stand up on their own, which is great for working out of.

    I'd probably lean towards the Cambiata if I was going to a show were I was both buying things and taking classes, because backpack/hands free mode is great and it's smaller/harder to whack into people than the ADX. Both Cambiata and ADX26 would be great for walking to a park and then plunking down to craft for a while or if I was working on a larger, more voluminous project.
    I rotate through a couple different colour Swifts regularly for the Saturday knitting class I attend, that I drive to.

    My normal knitting pack out in the oNordic/Steel halcyon Swift includes some notions in the built-in pockets, two mini OPs with more notions, a medium Cafe Bag Freudian Slip with tools, pencils, book, notebook, OPs with round needles, tissues, etc., a Microlite water bottle, and several medium all fabric Yarn Stuff Sacks.

    The Swift is great because it’s an easy hand or shoulder carry, a convenient size, no zippers to catch any fiber, stands up to work out of, and has some useful clear built in pockets. And it was designed with knitters, for knitters.

    Click image for larger version  Name:	PXL_20221120_170854909.jpg Views:	3 Size:	1.70 MB ID:	344259
    Click image for larger version  Name:	PXL_20221120_170745519.jpg Views:	3 Size:	1.06 MB ID:	344255

    The same load in the larger Nebulous ballistic/Fjord halcyon Cambiata works well. It has the option to carry by shoulder, hand, or backpack. The Contour backpack straps are more minimal than on most of the TB bags but most knitting stuff isn’t heavy (the Contour straps work for me for even fairly heavy loads, I’m part pack mule). The pockets aren’t clear but there are more of them, including the side water bottle pocket. The MCB FS can fit in the big open front pocket or inside the bag. The top zip flap folds out of the way. And there’s obviously more volume.

    Click image for larger version  Name:	PXL_20221120_171015791.jpg Views:	3 Size:	1.33 MB ID:	344257

    Click image for larger version  Name:	PXL_20221120_171040993.jpg Views:	3 Size:	1.22 MB ID:	344256

    The new Burnt Orange ballistic/Moab halcyon ADX26 is a roll top backpack. It has a flat bottom though, so can sit up on it’s own unless you load it in an unbalanced way. The roll top can fold down as shown to have a big open space to work out of with no zippers. It’s also bigger at 26L plus there’s a 31L version. Both versions are below 20” so can fit a reasonable range of people and the roll top can be minimally rolled to add even greater volume (more info on the relevant product pages).
    It has the super cushy Edgeless straps.
    The MCB FS goes inside the main compartment, there’s pockets inside, and two exterior water bottle type pockets (one open and one zipped)

    Click image for larger version  Name:	PXL_20221120_171151587.jpg Views:	3 Size:	1.09 MB ID:	344254

    Click image for larger version  Name:	PXL_20221120_171207853.jpg Views:	3 Size:	1.63 MB ID:	344258

    All three are useful for crafting/hobbies as well as EDC and travel.

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