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Synik 30 Loaded Up for Academic Work

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    Synik 30 Loaded Up for Academic Work

    It's my first full day with my Synik 30 and I can already tell it's be best bag I've ever owned. As a professor, I usually only have a few things on me: my computer (16" MBP), a couple books, water bottle, coffee cup, some pens, and an umbrella -- and maybe some notebooks (but I didn't have those with me today) and of course all the dongles. I decided to see what it would be like to really load up the bag. So I grabbed the closest books I could find and threw them into the bag along with the normal things that carry ... plus the addition of a Cup-o-Noodle. There was still more space available. I probably could have added a light sweatshirt to the main compartment and a few odds and ends (my phone would have fit ... or a bottle of Tajin in the side pocket).

    In the photos you'll see 19 average sized books, a HLT1 with dongles, random cables, and a lapel mic, a 16oz Contigo coffee cup, a 1L Hyrdoflask, 8 pens and pencils (obscured by the Contigo), an umbrella, a Cubelet with my Mac power brick inside, an assortment of personal care things (allergy meds, contact lenses and solution, tissues, medicine, teeth cleaners, a Tide stick), a couple of Ghost whales with random things inside (super mini and mini sized), and a bottle opener and AirTag connected to a key strap. And my Mac.

    So, like ... not bad. If I needed to haul a load of books to/from the library or to/from home, this would totally do it. I am certain that my last bag (a TNF Surge, which is technically more voluminous) couldn't do this. And again, there was still some room to spare.

    So if you're a grad student or professor or a particularly studious undergrad, this bag can totally work for you.

    I should note, of course, that it'd probably be a really bad idea to regularly carry this much stuff (especially the books) in a bag. It was VERY heavy. 😂


      19 books!!!

      You're a walking little library!

      I wasn't keen on carrying more bag than I needed until recently - mostly because it's more appealing to carry one half empty bag than two bags, one full, and the other, empty.

      You don't always need to specifically buy a tote bag to accomplish the same things a tote bag does - once I wrapped my head around this concept, bags like the Cambiata made total sense to me. Can't tell you how many times it's saved me from juggling store purchases, library books, and postal packages all the way from my parked car upstairs to my apartment.

      Nice thing the Synik does my Cambiata can't is split completely open - so nice to be able to lay out all your main compartment's contents while keeping them off the ground or floor.

      Thanks for sharing the expeience and pictures, dwanzerserrano!

      One of the things I like most about Tom Bihn bags is that they make the mundane task of organizing and transporting your basic necessities more fun and less stressful. Sounds like it's a very positive experience for you so far!
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        Originally posted by dwanzerserrano View Post
        So if you're a grad student or professor or a particularly studious undergrad, this bag can totally work for you.
        It would be a fabulous bag for a member of your (most likely amazing) academic support staff, too!! :)

        I am a university staff member and my EDC is an X-Pac Synik 30. It is a fantastic bag for carrying my assortment of tech and personal items from one side of campus to the other.

        (If your laptop sticker is an indication of your academic institution.... Hello from the land of green and gold just up the road. :cool:)


          Welcome to the Forums sbaker !
          Please share some photos of your pack out if you have time

          And great review dwanzerserrano - always good to see first impressions and how everything is packed!
          And definitely want to hear more again after you've used it longer and encountered more ah- ha moments
          Along with whatever else you just ordered lol
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            Thanks for all the replies and feedback, folks!

            Week 2 of using the Synik 30 and I’m still in love. Loaded it up with kids things this weekend and basically had it on my back for Saturday. Best part of it from that use case: the straps are soooooooo comfortable.

            Also, I’ve carried it around campus a lot more and it’s really been a dream. Still have some organization decisions to make (how to get a non-camo small Ghost Whale for my pens) and think I’ll probably end up with another cubelet or a 3DOC or a VOC … but we’ll see.

            I’ll do these as weekly checkins, I think, and then do a 30-day(ish) full review with pictures.