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Laptop survives fall in Buzz!

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    Laptop survives fall in Buzz!

    Horrifyingly, my Buzz fell off one of those little stall-door hooks and landed solidly and flatly on the ground (probably about a 5-foot drop). Fortunately I had put it on the hook with the "top" (red) side facing the door, so it fell on its nice little padded side. And fortunately the solid thunk! sound I heard was the Nalgene bottle in the side pouch, not the computer. The computer was fine! So thanks for the padding, and even for the water bottle pouch, which may have helped too. I should also add that I was really glad that I always insert the laptop with its bottom side against the back of the bag, and I'd recommend that other Buzz users do the same. I think it's the intuitive way to use the bag anyway, b/c it means that when I take the laptop out it's facing right side up, but it also means that if it falls, the padding is working together with the little shock zone Dell builds under its hard drive. (Probably other computer companies do the same, and just aren't cheezy enough to print "Strike Zone" on the bottom of their laptops.)

    I kind-of wish I weren't in a position to give this feedback, but I'm happy to let others know (hopefully never the hard way like me) that it's a good laptop bag :)

    I am so glad your Buzz protected your laptop! Putting your laptop in the Buzz bottom down is smart.

    I've had a couple of close calls with my Powerbook but my Brain Cell has always protected it. It's nice to work for a company that has products you can recommend 100% because you've used them and they really work.
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