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Tri-Star Adventures 2010

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    Tri-Star Adventures 2010

    Newbie here, so not sure what I can and cannot do. Finally have time to try and post some pics. Got my Tri-Star used but with the Absolute Strap (which is one of the greatest things ever) in September. When I was looking to get the Tri-Star I wasn't really sure what other bag would fit in the middle, but going by the dimensions I decided to go with the Ristretto for ipad to carry a netbook (don't have an ipad). Needed this to One Bag it on my travels. This is the first trip with the Tri-Star, a 4 day trip to Vegas in October. The Ristretto worked just fine, pulled it out as my in flight bag, and its the ideal day bag.

    Please note: TB water bottle was not available at the time.

    Middle had enough room for other stuff like my slippers (the light colored bag)... I'm from Hawaii... it's required footwear (for me).

    Next pic always wanted to see how a water bottle fit in the Ristretto for ipad, took a chance that it would and it did, no problem, bag actually has a LOT of room. But for someone else who has the same concerns hope this helps...

    3rd pic, my in flight items stored in the Ristretto for ipad.

    Lastly... the Tri-Star had more than enough room for all my stuff. Packing cubes made organizing everything so easy (remote not included).

    Conclusion: Trial run with the Tri-Star, a huge success!

    to be continued...
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    2 weeks later...Off to the Philippines for a vacation

    Previous year, I had travelled to Hong Kong, using only a backpack for 5 days. Getting through the airports was a breeze, but wanted more...



    Travelled with the Tri-Star for 10 days in the Philippines. It was really the perfect size, especially since I travelled to Coron and needed to catch a smaller plane.

    Pic shows Tri-Star in the overhead bin of Cebu Pacific's ATR 72-500 plane. No dancing flight attendants though.

    There was a weight restriction, but going to Coron, no problems and I was allowed to carry on everything.

    Next pic... like I mentioned, the Ristretto is a perfect day bag, and it was what I used to carry everything I needed. I'm a diet coke/pepsi addict, so I always needed to have 1 of those with me. This was shot on a boat while touring Coron Island... I apologize that I don't have any pics with a scenic backdrop (I am new at this!). I must remember to feature the bag in a setting next time.
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      Philippines pt.2

      Travelling to Coron I had no problems, but from Coron back to Manila I had to check the Tri-Star, as it weighed too much. I hardly purchased anything new, so it was a surprise to me...but I did have a bunch of wet clothes stuffed in a compression bag, and that put it over the weight limit. So the Ristretto had to go solo while the Tri-Star was checked. Due to its quality build, I had no worries, and it made it back to Manila just fine. The Ristretto looks kinda lonely there..aww.

      Not sure if this is allowed but I'll include 1 scenic of Coron, as that was the highlight of the trip... other than my Tom Bihn luggage.. Actually, I should have placed my Tom Bihn stuff next to me in this one.
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        What's in the Bag

        This was taken upon my return, its what went in the Tri-Star, for my vacation.
        It was more than enough to comfortably travel for 10 days. Only had to check the bag once, and getting though the airports is always so much easier when you don't have to check any luggage.
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          Welcome to the forums, holoholo! Awesome photos -- thanks for sharing them.
          Have a question? @Darcy (to make sure I see it)

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            thank you

            Thank you for the welcome, been a fan and observer for a while now, finally got around to posting something.

            Sadly, or gladly, I had to part with my Ristretto for ipad...

            Since I picked up an 11" MBA... and (after another adventure... which I won't go into here) got a new Ristretto for the 11" MBA which arrived yesterday.
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              Wonderful photos and a great packing job! I want a Tri-Star too! (hopefully - soon!)

              I always appreciate seeing packing photos / reading lists because it helps to clarify what I too could bring....even before buying the bag! Besides, it's fun to see what others pack too.
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                holoholo, great photos. Keep the posts coming. I see that you mentioned slippers, but did you ever pack shoes? I'm interested to see the Tri-Star with shoes in them. I can't get a sense if it can hold one or two pair. What did you pack?



                  hi holoholo!

                  i love the pictures! thank you for sharing!


                    Originally posted by 2612 View Post
                    I see that you mentioned slippers, but did you ever pack shoes? I'm interested to see the Tri-Star with shoes in them. I can't get a sense if it can hold one or two pair.
                    Usually I'm always wearing my shoes and packing the slippers. The Tri-Star, definitely has enough room in the middle to pack a pair of shoes as well as another bag like the Ristretto. If I took out the bag, I could fit 2 pairs of shoes in there easily. Just depends on what else you want to go in the middle. I'll try taking a picture this weekend, as I have to pack for an upcoming trip anyway.

                    Originally posted by 2612 View Post
                    What did you pack?
                    I'll just try to summarize here

                    for Vegas:

                    4 shorts, 4 t-shirts, 1 polo, 1 TEC shirt, (wore jeans, and used a BlackCoat Work JFK shirt/jacket - prefer it over the ScottE stuff for travel)
                    4 socks & skivvies, Pouch with my necessary cables and chargers (though I forgot the charger for my netbook), 3D Clear Organizer Cube for liquids and toiletries, Slippers, Hot/Cold disposable cups, Tissue.

                    In The Ristretto for ipad: Asus netbook, spare battery, 2 magazines, ipod touch, digital camera, kennsington travel battery pack, travel mouse, small utility light, MiFi (another great thing to have when traveling), water bottle, 2 pouches with meds, sanitizer packets, mints, breathe strips, lip balm, extra camera battery, sd card + reader, laundry soap packets, UE tri-fi in-ear phones.

                    That's about it I think. I remember that there was still room for more stuff but I needed the space just in case I purchased anything there, which I did, so it worked out perfect.

                    For PI:

                    3 shorts, 1 swim shorts, 4 t-shirts, 3 socks, 4 skivvies , 1 polo shirt - almost the same as Vegas as I did laundry in the room. I wore the short sleeve version of the BlackCoat, and wore Convertible travel pants, which I converted to shorts at the airport before leaving and never converted back for the entire trip. Used a different pouch for the cables and chargers, and also had an additional pouch with TP, insect repellent wipes, soap, laundry soap sheets, first aid kit, other meds, sink stop, and clothesline. Also picked up a kodak waterproof cam for the trip which was housed in a padded organizer pouch in the Ristretto. Not much more than the other trip, and no problems with space. The biggest problem was trying to cram and cut down the liquid stuff - repellent, mouthwash, anti-itch med, shampoo, toothpaste etc., I know I could purchase items there, but just tried to make things fit.

                    Anyway, thanks for looking...hope to do more