My first Tom Bihn purchase was a black/steel Aeronaut for my husband’s birthday back in August, and this bag has been in heavy rotation every since! So far, he has brought this bag with him on family vacations, weekend getaways and business trips – all being served well by the Aeronaut!

This weekend, we went to NJ for a wedding and despite all the accoutrement that a toddler brings along, we were able to fit all her clothes (in a large packing cube), chargers for our various other electronics (in a medium clear organizer pouch, which we clipped to the o-ring in the mesh pocket in the center compartment – just discovered it!), all of our toiletries and my makeup (in a clear quarter packing cube, placed in one of the end compartments), my purse, her stuffed monkey and favorite blanket, a portable DVD player w/ DVDs, magazines, paperback and coloring books. Now if I could just get my hands on that Parental Unit, I would be over the moon and my husband can get some space back in his Aeronaut!

What he’s mentioned several times to me as features he enjoys are the hideaway backpack straps and that there are 3 distinct compartments instead of a cavernous hole, making it obvious that a lot of thought goes into the design of these bags. Now whenever we start planning for another trip, he always says “Pack the Tom Bihn!”… I just have to keep reminding him that there’s only ONE Tom Bihn – and (unfortunately for us) he does not live at our house! Next on my list to purchase for the hubby: the Checkpoint Flyer. He’s flies often for business and I know he would appreciate the trifold design.

But, dear fellow forum members, don’t be fooled by my generosity with my husband. You see, here’s how it works: he gets one, I get one, he gets one, I get one… so he can’t decry my bag addiction if he’s involved too. Sneaky, I know. ;)

My steel/solar Co-Pilot arrived today (oh joy! oh rapture!) after a week's worth of obsessive package tracking and I have been busy taking pictures and checking out all the pockets and features. I’ll write up an initial impressions review shortly…