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Tri-Star and Little Swift

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    Tri-Star and Little Swift

    Used these two bags for my 5 day trip to North Carolina. I had my first comment on my Tri-Star and wished I had some little Tom Bihn business cards so I could hand one out. Maybe I'll work on making some before my next trip in a few weeks.

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    Hi Joyce,

    Nice pic, I think I'll skip the Swift - it's not very manly ;-) - but that Tri-Star is looking more and more attractive by the day!



      Wow, the bags look so nice together. Was the trip business or pleasure, and what did your pack list look like?
      I really, really like TB Bags!


        It's very casual business. I go in and do bookkeeping mostly over the weekend once a month.

        In the back section of the Tri-Star:

        Eagle Creek Folder 18 (4 pants (LL Bean Perfect Pants), 4 cotton tops)

        In the front section of the Tri-Star (I have the divider zipped up):

        Tom Bihn Tri-Star Small Packing Cube (undies and socks)

        Eagle Creek Pack-It Cube (work papers - you wouldn't believe how much paperwork I can fit in this!)

        Center Compartment of the Tri-Star:

        Two quart bags (one with my shampoos/liquid items, the other with my toothbrush, brush, floss, etc)

        Blanket - decent size - I use it to keep warm on the plane

        My Little Swift had my purse stuff in it plus a nice pair of headphones, my most recent crochet project, and my lunch.

        Super nice bags. It's a real pleasure to travel with Tom Bihn. :)

        A trip or two ago, I was tired and questioned my decision to go with a non-rolling bag. The Tri-Star was hurting my back and I watched people with rolling bags with envy.

        However. I never, ever have any trouble finding a spot for my bag in the overhead bins. I watch people trying to wield their bulky bags and know that I made the right choice. It's just nice to know that I'll never have to check my bag unless I want to.