I went on a four-day trip for Chinese New Year last week and brought my Tri-Star and Imago. On the way there, the middle section of the Tri-Star was mostly empty (which made me wish I had a Small Cafe Bag that I could easily slip inside), but on the trip back that section held all the great home-cooked food I brought home with me. There was a tiny bit of leakage in transit, but a quick wipe of the dyneema fabric when I got home took care of it!

I had to move the netbook that fits perfectly in the smaller divided section of the front main compartment into my Imago for the return flight, but it slipped right into the back pocket. I also fit some leftovers from the dinner I couldn't finish before needing to leave for the airport on top of everything else inside of it, in addition to squeezing my jacket under the flap.

I'm expecting my Small Cafe Bag to arrive on Wednesday, which I think will be a nice option to pair with (inside) the Tri-Star. I hate putting bags into the overhead bin, so having just one bag that will fit under the seat will make boarding a bit easier. And on trips when I expect to bring more back with me, I'll just bring a shop bag or something similar that I can more easily lift way over my head.