I helped with costume and makeup for a very short film this weekend, and on my way out the door to the shoot I took a quick picture of the three bags I had packed all my stuff into (plus a few organizer pouches inside of them).

The plum/steel Swift held my Lifefactory water bottle, travel coffee mug, netbook, extra layers, and knitting in a Small Yarn Stuff Sack. Previously I'd used my Swift only as a knitting bag (so there were also a bunch of knitting needles in one of the clear pockets), but now that I'm finding it useful for other things a second may soon show up on my wish list.

The steel Small Shop Bag held all the costume and makeup supplies, including a silver sequin shirt, a silver cape, a Martian headband, green makeup, powder, makeup applicators, and some towels. One of the inner pockets was perfect for sewing accessories (needles, thread, safety pins, scissors).

The black/wasabi Small Cafe Bag is the latest addition to my Tom Bihn collection, and I've used it as my purse every day since I got almost a month ago.
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