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    Originally posted by Scattered View Post
    I'd love to see a Black/Cork/Iberian (my first choice), Black/Cork/Cayenne, Black/Cork/Kiwi, or BlacK/Cork/Wasabi combination for the Imago. I love the idea of a staid looking black bag with a hint of sustainability from the cork in the flap and a nice bright color hiding inside.
    I think a Black/Cork/Cayenne is a great color combination!

    *Edit..Just realized if I buy a cork strip for my Ego I have this color combination :)
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    Synapse 25 (Steel Dyneema/UV), Organizer Pouches ( Dyneema, Cordura, Cork - various size & colors), FoJ Pouch, FoT Pouch, 2011 TB Mystery gift(Cork pouch), 2012 Mystery Gift (Forest/ Steel) Pocket Pouch, Sm Yarn Stuff Sack (UV), Small Shop Bag (Steel), Large Shop Bag (UV), Various Color Key Straps, Side Effect (Steel Dyneema/Wasabi)


      If everyone else is posting a photo of their collection, I might as well join the crowd:
      Attached Files
      Editor--One Bag, One World: News, Reviews & Community for Light Travelers.

      Aeronaut(2), Tri-Star(2) Cadet , Large Cafe Bag, Travel Tray, Travel Money Belt, Absolute Straps(3), Side Effect, Clear Quarter Packing Cubes (2), 3D Organizer Cubes (4), Aeronaut & Tri-Star Packing Cubes, Clear Organizer Wallet, numerous Organizer Pouches,, Guardian Dual Function Light, Vertical Netbook Cache, Nexus 7 Cache, RFID Passport Pouch, numerous Key Straps.


        Every time I see a linen bag I feel that must be the missing link in my TB collection. That fabric seems to change with the light, what's next to it, and possibly other factors, but it generally looks so desirable to me.
        What a great picture, thanks for sharing! Any more bags and you will definitely need a bigger table.
        I really, really like TB Bags!


          My bag collection

          I finally got around to taking a photo of my collection. The photo includes everything except for my husband's Indigo Brain Bag and accessories. I wish the photo would show the difference in color between my Sapphire Brain Bag and Indigo Aeronaut better. The colors are quite different in person. I have become a much more organized individual since discovering organizer pouches. Everything gets its own color!

          Click image for larger version

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            Ahem, I guess if I sit down and think of it, this is probably a stupid exercise, because probably soon, something will be added or changed, but I took another family foto today just for giggles because my previous one is not reflective of how it is at the moment:

            So changes were due to a few factors:
            1. visit to TB
            2. gifts from doornum3 (such a sweetie Joanne and I will be forever grateful)
            3. trade
            4. pif from one of Joanne's previous gifts to another fan who I hope treasures it.

            The end result is a more limited, matchy matchy, color palette that goes with my clothes and makes me smile when I think of it. (basically lots of purple and neutrals with some wasabi, solar and iberian thrown in for flavor and color coordination)
            This is probably the only picture I have taken of dh's Brain Bag, but it is a part of our dear TB family. For scale, this is spread across 1/2 of our King sized bed.
            I really, really like TB Bags!


              My collection looks so tiny compared to some of these. I'm going to have to work on that! I'm thinking a Steel/Ultraviolet Aeronaut may be in my future soon...

              I have: a size 4 Brain Cell, a size 4X Brain Cell (because Apple made the 15" MacBook Pro just a smidge bigger than the Powerbook I'd had before), an ID (the older style w/o water bottle pockets), 2 medium Dyneema organizer pouches, 1 medium Cordura organizer pouch, 1 medium padded organizer pouch, 2 small Cordura organizer pouches, and one FoT Blue Suede organizer pouch. Not pictured are my key straps and my 2 luggage tags.

              The Moose hiding out in the pocket of the ID is the World's Most Traveled Moose. He's on Facebook as Moose Snyder. When he's not going on adventures with my friends that pocket in the ID is reserved for him!

              The medium pouches are the PERFECT size for me & hubby's Nooks, and the color of the Ultraviolet Dyneema is an absolutely perfect match to the colors on my skin for my Nook.


                @hellziggy, is your small Cordura the old plum, and the ID grape? Or is the ID the new plum? Those colors have been hard for me to find and your picture captures them so well. Thanks for sharing. I do love the redness in the old plum, what a gorgeous color!
                And wait a minute, hold the phone, is that other medium Dyneema pouch in Sapphire!!!! Lucky!

                Fwiw, here at TB, size doesn't matter, it's that you are smart enough to carry the bags because you believe in them and have a system that works for you and your needs/desires, that you love, that's what matters :)
                I really, really like TB Bags!


                  Originally posted by dorayme View Post
                  @hellziggy, is your small Cordura the old plum, and the ID grape? Or is the ID the new plum? Those colors have been hard for me to find and your picture captures them so well. Thanks for sharing. I do love the redness in the old plum, what a gorgeous color!
                  And wait a minute, hold the phone, is that other medium Dyneema pouch in Sapphire!!!! Lucky!
                  Yup, I got the ID in Jan 2006 and it is Grape/Wasabi. The small Cordura is plum, but I don't know if it's old or new. It's a smidge darker than the picture shows.

                  Sapphire! That's what it is. I couldn't remember. The picture makes it look more purplish, but it actually is more of a blue. That was one of the first pouches I got, starting my organizer pouch addiction. :-)


                    Well I love your assortment. And Moose looks like a lot of fun.
                    I really, really like TB Bags!


                      A Foreword: Upon reflection (and gain of ~7 hours of sleep,) I have realized that my Cache for 13" iPad and Tom Bihn Wallet did not make it into the family collection photograph. I am choosing now to tell you, as opposed to adding another post-script.

                      8/17 Updated Collection:

                      Lets start the list.
                      Tom Bihn Bags/Non-pouch Items
                      Black/Steel/Wasabi Super Ego w/Q-AM Strap; Iberian Dyneema Large Shop Bag; 13" Olive/Cayenne Ristretto w/Standard Strap; Olive/Cayenne Ristretto for iPad w/Simple Strap; 6Z Brain Cell; Horizontal Freudian Slip; Snake Charmer

                      Pouch Type Tom Bihn Items!
                      (From left to right)
                      Medium Solar Dyneema; Small Iberian Dyneema; Small Steel Dyneema; Mini Padded; Small Clear/Red Codura; FoJ; FoT; Small Padded; Mini Clear/Steel Codura; Small Solar Dyneema; Medium Clear/Iberian Dyneema; Padded Kindle Pouch.

                      6 (how did I get that many >.<) small key chains
                      1 Wasabi 16" key chain.

                      Tom Bihn = Me ^___________^

                      p.s.: Shot with my Nikon d3100 with a 35mm AF-S f/1.8 lens. I only meant to go check out a camera store and see what they had--but then the sales lady let me play with the lenses that they have in store and I finally got to take a picture with a Fish-Eye Lens (too bad it costs like 800 >.<) Anyways, looked at the fixed length lens and well--I held out just about as well as I do for Tom Bihn Products. See above if you have any doubt about how poorly that goes ^.^

                      p.s.s. In case anyone was interested in my fish eye experience, please see below. If you are not interested, please feel free to ignore. If you were not interested and you looked anyways I will do one of the following options: 1 - If you liked it even though you weren't interested--thank you for looking; 2 - If you didn't like it and you weren't interested--I apologize for wasting your time.

                      p.s.s.s. I just realized that my signature no longer currently reflects my Tom Bihn Collection. At some point I'll go about fixing this. Thank you!

                      Addendum: If I lived in/near Seattle, I am most certain that I would be in terrible credit card debt from buying far too much from Tom Bihn. (I know--there is no such thing as too much, right? :-\)
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                      Super Ego w/Seat Belt Buckle [Black/Steel/Wasabi], Cadet 13/15 [Cardinal/Steel], Aeronaut 45 [Cardinal/Steel], 13" Ristretto (Old) [Olive/Cayenne], Synapse 19 [Indigo/Iberian], Camera I/O, and a whole bunch of other goodies.


                        Since I was taking pictures earlier, I tried to get the family together. It took two shots.


                        More or less top to bottem, left to right:
                        Large Pouches in Black, Brown, and Iberian
                        Medium Clear in Wasabe
                        Medium in Steel and (2) Solar
                        Medium Ultrasuede in Cayenne and Leaf
                        Wallet Pouch in Navy and Clear/Cocoa
                        Small Stuff Sack in Ultraviolet
                        Snake Charmer in Steel and Plum
                        Small Pouches - (3) Padded Black, Steel, Iberian, Steel Dynameea, Black, Fourth of July, and FoT Blue

                        Main Bags

                        Aeronaut in Steel with absolute strap, 2 aeronaut end packing cubes
                        Cache in black
                        Large Cafe Bag in Cocoa/Wasabe
                        Buzz in Black/Black/Black
                        Freudian Slip and Brain Cell in Steel
                        Brain Bag in Black