I received my new horizontal iPad cache today for my new iPad 2 and thought I'd offer the following:

First, it is a quality piece of gear, likely to last forever. It also provides a fair bit of padding. I won't have any hesitancy about throwing the cache into my Empire Builder.

That said, it isn't my perfect solution. I find the case to be bit too big, even with an Apple cover and a snap-on shell on the back. The iPad is sufficiently loose inside the cache that I'm a bit concerned that if I happen to be carrying the iPad in only the cache, it could fall out.

Mostly, it seems too tall (since this is the horizontal version, it is really too "wide" for the iPad side-to-side). I was hoping for a tighter, more secured fit.

One other minor thing: the TB tag is sewn into the side of the bag (the top/bottom of the iPad). My iPad kept getting caught on the tag when I tried to insert it. I had to cut the tag off to get it to work.

Again, a minor detail, but I'm kind of surprised by it. TB bags always seemed to take these things into consideration. (I have several TB Bags, and I hope to own many more.)

I have a Breve on back order and looking forward to trying that out.

Bottom line: quality sleeve, will protect the iPad in the EB, but wish it was a more tailored fit.


TB bags in the house: EB, Brain Cell, Brain Bag, Aeronaut, 2x cafe bag, Swift, numerous small pouches and sacks.