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    I have the same bags as Just, with colours swapped. I bought the Crimson Tri-Star because it was the only colour in stock at the time I needed one. While I procrastinated about placing an order - and all colours were in stock - my heart wanted Indigo, but my head wanted Steel. If I were to buy it again, it'd be a tough choice between Steel and Navy. I think a subtle exterior works better for the more business-oriented Tri-Star, but I love the solar dyneema interior and (rightly) that wasn't an option with Crimson.

    When I heard that Indigo was to be discontinued I grabbed one of the last Aeronauts in that colour. I figured if it was too bright I could always return it unused and get the Steel instead. I never did have a second thought about Indigo once I opened the box. For casual travel, it suits me down to the ground. And for longer business trips it doesn't get hauled into the client's office the way my Tri-Star would as an oversized laptop bag.
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        Originally posted by moriond View Post
        I totally agree with Just here: I, too, have the Aeronaut in crimson and the Tri-star in indigo, and both are great colors.
        I guess I'll have to double-check my bags coming off the carousel if I ever end up checking them on the way home! Haha!


          Count me in as another bold color lover

          When reading the rest of this post, keep in mind that I have an LLBean duffel in a BLINDING orange Hawaiian print, and I'm actually not ashamed to be seen plucking it off the luggage carousel at airports. In fact, I'm rather proud of it. So to me, Indigo seems almost subdued. :D

          Actually, I don't think Tom Bihn has ever used a color as gorgeous as Indigo: I'm so in love with it that I have a Tri-Star, Imago, and one of the first-generation Swifts that was Indigo/Indigo. Gmanedit, I think you may have convinced me I need an Indigo kit as well, so if you ever want to dig yours out of the bottom of your Synapse and find it a new home, let me know.

          I'm having a similar reaction to Cardinal. I'm picky about reds: they're almost all too yellow, or too orange, or too pinkish for me. I like a deep, bold, almost black-red, and Cardinal comes close to being just about the perfect shade for me. I've got a Cardinal Little Swift on pre-order, and just wish they made the Swift or Imago in that color as well. (Hint hint) Why, I may even have to save up to buy an Aeronaut in Cardinal. (You know, to replace my orange Hawaiian duffel.)


            If anyone is regretting not getting an indigo bag, it looks like they still have some indigo Co-pilots. I have one, and it's great because I can get my indigo fix in a small package!


              They also still have a few Indigo Synapses left as well; I scored one today.