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    Badger....did you try tucking them back like Maverick shows? That looks like a reasonable compromise unless they don't stay put.

    I just heard from Katy (with the company) and she's going to experiment with what sized water bottle fits into one later today and let me know. I'll pass on what I hear. This just looks like such a versatile little bag, hope I can find a way to make it work.


      Originally posted by Lani View Post

      I think I just heard some Tom Bihn bags scream.
      No, that was yours truly.

      A Side Effect designed without straps but still retaining the hideaway panel and sold with an optional Travel Money Belt: TOM BIHN would not only solve the problem of the "strapless crowd" (chuckles) :) but allow a customization of the belt and it would still be an all Tom Bihn products. :D

      A Side Effect (Sans Built In Belt) with its various attachment points would be an more than ideal bike kit.

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        FYI, Katy just replied that a standard 16-ounce water bottle should fit well.

        I've got a bunch of various pouches coming on Monday. Once I get those, if I think I would still benefit from the organizational functionality of the SE, then I think I gotta get one of these. If the straps will stay tucked, I think it would fit my needs beautifully.


          Conejo, the straps will definitely stay tucked in following maverick's method. I carried mine around as a purse and in other bags for over a week and never had them move around. If you like using it as a waist pack, then I would buy one. I love mine!



            I'm just checking on what colors are currently available and what the inside colors are for each option and I'll grab one of these and report back. I think it's going to make air travel a lot more convenient.

            And thinking about it, what I might do is just have it around my waist with my phone, wallet, watch, etc..., as I go through security. Then once through, put the watch back on and pop the pack with the rest into the Brain Bag attached to an o-ring and off I go.


              I second what Darbs said; I've got two Side Effects (just received a new Plum last week), so that should tell you how much I love them. I never use the waist straps, but they tuck so neatly into the back sleeve that they lie flat, and aren't a problem. I usually use the shoulder strap, but I also bought the Loop Handle and sometimes use that to carry it, especially when I've got the SE tucked inside my Synapse or my Swift. Some other folks on the forum have also said you can suspend the SE with Key Straps attached to the rings at both ends inside a Large Cafe Bag, if you'd like to do that for extra security.

              I think you will love your new SE.


                Yes, I tried the maverick method. I'm glad it worked for others, but it was not a solution for me.


                  Originally posted by Badger View Post
                  Yes, I tried the maverick method. I'm glad it worked for others, but it was not a solution for me.
                  Why? I'd like to know in what way this solution fell short for you.


                    So far, I haven't pulled the scissor trigger finger. I have tucked my straps away as in maverick's video, but I still sense bulk, which my waist has enough of. . .
                    Today's crafty efforts were spent making flowers for MCB and SE bag embellishment.

                    Now to just pick out thread and beads to sew in the stamens and pistils and attach it all to a pin.
                    I really, really like TB Bags!


                      Originally posted by conejo23 View Post
                      Why? I'd like to know in what way this solution fell short for you.
                      It seemed bulky to me, and it still looked too much like a fanny pack. It was really just a matter of personal taste.


                        Badger, thanks. Was interested to hear if it was that, or something of a more functional nature. Since I'm actually looking for a fanny pack, that won't be a problem for me.

                        And Dorayme, those are beautiful, you're a talented lady.


                          conejo23, the tedious part was waiting in line while the lone clerk at my local fabric store worked the cutting table for several of us patrons before she was able to get to the cash register.

                          I found the tutorial here. The effect imho looks kind of like peonies. I love Peonies.
                          I really, really like TB Bags!


                            Those are beautiful. I sort of wish I'd seen them last week though. I was in Joannes yesterday with money. Oh well, maybe later.
                            Indigo/Black Swift, Kiwi little Swift, Indigo Side Effect, Punch Small Cafe bag, Plum Clear Organizer Wallet, Tall Yarn Stuff sacks in Solar and Steel,


                              Originally posted by Yonkdaddy View Post
                              I was chuckling while looking through this thread, then went to check out the Side Effect page on the catalog. I don't have one, but I can think of a couple of quick ways to retrofit the bag to create a removable waist strap with a quick trip to REI. I'm thinking if you cut off the 1 inch strap leaving about 3-4 inches on each side (this would allow the stubby bits to stow behind the bag with just about no bulk), heat-seal the ends, then when you want to put the waist strap back on, use a pair of 1 inch tri-glides to re-attach the straps to the stubs. You've got your waist belt back. This wouldn't hold pounds and pounds of stuff, but then you're not gonna have that much stuff in this small bag anyway.
                              I just saw this thread.

                              Seems like lots of Tom Bihn products have removable waist belts already. An obvious solution is to cut the nylon webbing a few inches from the triangular flaps. Then fold the webbing to form two loops, stitch those, and then add loops on the end of the free webbing (with buckle) and, finally, use gate clips to secure the waist belt.

                              The trick then is how do you secure the flaps while the waist belt is detached? If they were sized right a single gate clip under the back portion could unite the two flaps securely, so they couldn't be pulled out. The only issue there is that it might be slightly hard to undo, but with practice I think would be fine.