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Dog bag dispenser

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    Dog bag dispenser

    Today I discovered yet another use for the mini organizer pouch... a dog waste bag dispenser. The bags are Advance brand that I picked up at Tractor Supply (2 rolls of 27 bags each), but I'm betting there are other brands that would work, too. I call it my "TBPB". :-)

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    My first reaction after glancing at this: what size pouch you use depends of the size of the dog. Then I noticed the picture and realized this is for storing bags before using them. I think it's time to go get my first coffee of the day.



      Very creative use of a Mini Organizer Pouch, doornum3. I'm going to try it!
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        The rolls of bags I use are too large but I could easily tear off and fold a bunch to fit.


        The dog I currently have does not 'go' on lead. I have had him since March and he waits until we get home do do his business.

        Very different to my previous two who would generally not do it at home.

        It makes for a hassle free walk.

        (I wonder how many euphemisms for dog 'waste' we can come up with!?)
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          Good use of the pouch but we get so many dispensers for free that I can't see using a TB pouch for this. I think we have at least 4 dispensers from attending various dog functions so it's hard for us to find a need for another container. But, I do agree that your idea is best.
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