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3D Clear Organizer Cube

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    3D Clear Organizer Cube

    While the cube is strightly speaking not a bag (although I see you can buy a shoulder strap for it :)), I've been using one for liquids while travelling for quite a while now and thought it deserved a review.

    The quality is as usual from Tom Bihn really good - it's been with me on numerous trips completely filled and I've experienced no problems with the zipper (which I've seen on competing products) or anything else. It cleans easily in case you get toothpaste on it and still looks pretty much as new.

    For air travel it works really well - I put in on a key strap clipped to the inside of my Tristar or Western Flyer and when I need to go through airport security (mainly within Europe), I just unzip the bag and leave the organizer cube hanging on the key strap next to the bag.

    99% of the times this is not questioned by airport security. In fact today while going through security in Frankfurt the security officer called her colleagues over and pointed to the organizer cube and repeatedly said "Sehr praktisch" (for those of you who speaks even worse German than me: Very practical). A few times I've been asked to remove it from the keychain and put it in a bin which takes seconds to do.

    The only problem I've ever had was in Madrid where the security officer told me to use a plastic bag the next time but let me through with the liquids still in the bag.

    Great product - can definitely recommend it.

    Ok, ok, I give up. I have been trying to resist buying a 3D Organizer Cube for a while now, but the recent threads have convinced me I need one.

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      Does anyone use those aftermarket specialty soft bottles to store shampoo and other fluids to make your packing lighter and more durable? If so, what do you use for your toothpaste (other than a standard toothpaste tube)? I think I've seen those kinds of soft bottles offered in TravelSmith. Not sure about other sources.

      Also: does anyone use accessories like the 3D Cube for non-air travel?
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        Take a look at the GoToob at humangear.com. The tubes are made of silicon, have drip-proof valves, and come in different sizes. I haven't used these yet, but am keen to as they seem like they're well made and the prices aren't prohibitive. I think you could move some toothpaste onto one easy peasy;))


          I use GoToobs in my 3D clear organizer cube, and like them. I still use regular travel-sized toothpaste tubes, but one cool thing about GoToob is that the cap unscrews and leaves a big opening ... makes it as easy as can be to clean out one thing and use it for another (I cleaned out the lotion and filled with hair product). I also use the keystrap/unzip method (learned here!) going through TSA security and haven't had a problem.

          I've used it for non air travel, but mostly because I've become accustomed to using it for my "wet" toiletries and feel better about containing them within the clear quarter packing cube ... one more level dryness in case something 'splodes.