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Steel/UV WF + Steel/Cayenne MCB: Conference style

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    Steel/UV WF + Steel/Cayenne MCB: Conference style

    I have a Western Flyer that works splendidly for conference travel, but I wanted a small bag to carry around when I was actually at the conference. Enter the Medium Cafe Bag, which arrived today along with an organizer pouch and microfiber cleaning cloth. Prepare to be blown away by my mad iPhone camera skillz:

    I mentioned on another thread that I was concerned about the interior colors clashing. They do, ever so profoundly:

    But who cares, really.

    Here's the happy family (from left: MCB, WF, Ballistic pen/pencil organizer pouch, small organizer pouch).

    I love grey things.

    Here's the MCB packed as I'll use it at conferences:

    Here are the contents, unpacked (from left: iPad in vertical Cache; small and medium Moleskine notebooks; small OP with iPad charger; hemp wallet; Conifer mini organizer pouch with rosary [I'm superstitious, and a nervous flyer--people love to see me whip it out during turbulence]; My Neighbor Totoro post-it notes; a pen; wireless keyboard in Waterfield slip case; Orbit Mist gum, Peppermint Spray; Shure earbuds; microfiber cloth):

    And here's the WF, packed for a rather casual two-day conference in the Midwest, rocking out with some toiletries (I'm driving to this conference, hence the ginormous contact solution bottle):

    Clothes in a Mesh Packing Cube (it's all in there: a pair of pants, a sweater, a dress shirt, three T-shirts, chonies, and socks):

    All packed up, with clothes in the rear pocket, MCB in the front pocket, and Vibram FiveFingers in the water bottle pocket (shoes fold in half to zip the pocket up):

    Oh yeah, can't forget the paper I'm supposed to be giving . . .

    There you have it--the Western Flyer and the Medium Cafe Bag. Sort of different, and yet sort of the same, just like these guys.

    Gratuitous corgi pic FTW!

    Great review, pictures and travel set, thanks for sharing. You definitely have a nice Steel/Grey bag stash going there. :) Cute Corgi's too.
    I really, really like TB Bags!


      @dorayme: Thanks, re: the corgis. The small one is turning his head, which is why he's kind of odd-looking. The red one is actually afraid of all bags, which I suppose we can interpret any way we like.

      Glad to see you rock the VFFs too.


        Oh my god. I didn't know they made contact lens solution bottles in gallon jug sizes.

        FANTASTIC collection by the way. Thank you so much for sharing!!

        PS: Your sweatshirt.... it says "Wisconsin Anaguma." What is an anaguma? It's a bear of some sort? It's in katakana so I can't tell what the context is. Is it a badger or something?


          @ Lani, ha ha! Um, the bottle is 12 oz. I guess ginormous is as ginormous does.

          Anaguma (anagumas? anagumae?) are a kind of badger that live in Japan. However, the University of Wisconsin mascot, Bucky, is I think the kind of badger that's familiar to most people in North America: