My Synapse arrived yesterday! I didn't have time to properly appreciate it last night. I didn't have time to properly appreciate it this morning, either, but that didn't stop me (while I simultaneously brushing my teeth and putting a baby in a carseat) from dumping my daily carry items out of my other, lesser backpack and stuffing them into my new Synapse.

And stuffing.

And stuffing.

I'm pretty sure that a few laws of physics were broken. My Synapse is currently holding:

3-ring binder
Kindle in a padded sleeve
my purse (a Vera Bradley Sophie)
my knitting (two small projects)
my pencil case (I didn't have time to empty it and put my pens in the side pocket)

which isn't very much, but is nonetheless notable because there is so much room left over.

There is clearly some kind of shenanigans going on here. Maybe Tom has a very small black hole sewn into the lining of every Synapse. Or maybe he has them enchanted like Hermione's little beaded clutch or a wizard tent. Or maybe he waves a sonic screwdriver at them to give them qualities of the TARDIS. Shenanigans, I say: the inside is bigger than the outside.

ps. My Synapse is Indigo/Solar. Does anyone know where I can get a patch that says "Police Box"?