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Large Cafe Bag and Western Flyer Go To China

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    Large Cafe Bag and Western Flyer Go To China

    Just spent 12 days in southwestern China with a large Cafe bag and a Western Flyer. Cafe bag went to the forest with me everyday to run inventory transects: lunch, raincoat, GPS, diameter tapes, field book, compass, Canon G11 camera. Western Flyer held everything else: clothes, toiletries, MacBook Air (in a Cache), journal, novels, oolong tea, gaiwan, inflatable zafu, computer dongles, flip-flops. Both bags were a pleasure to travel with. Thank you, Tom Bihn.

    thus i have seen - Home - Morning in Miao Land

    It looks like you had quite the trip! I'm happy to hear your bags are working out so well for you!

    Your photos on your blog are beautiful!
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