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Hello! I have bags. Let me show you them. ;D

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  • misterN
    Geo -

    I'm from Beaver Dam. My Super Ego is my portable workstation. Sadly, a 35 minute drive results in a large difference in how many bags you see people having. I owned both a Ristretto for iPad (just recently sold) as well as one for 13" Macbook Air. I actually found myself preferring the iPad version over the 13" version for some reason. If the new bag is everything that it looks to be, I will definitely be picking that up ASAP. The downside to that is, my 13" Ristretto might not be seeing the light of day for quite some time.

    I find myself using my Super Ego way more. It was my first love...erm--I mean bag. I'm thinking about potentially getting a Absolute strap for my Super Ego as well (one sans clips, obviously.) It just fits what I want to have around me more often. Below has been my "packing list" for my Super Ego as of late.

    Main Compartment
    - My Macbook Air (i5, 128, 13" if you were wondering)
    ---Protected in a Tom Bihn Cache. Also, using an Iberian Ultra-suede between my screen and spacebar
    - My Nikon D7000 inside of a cheap clik brand camera insert type thing
    ---Nikon 35mm f/1.8 DX lens
    ---Nikon 70-300mm VR lens
    ---In a small steel dyneema pouch
    -----Battery Charger for Camera, iPad Camera Connection Kit, Wireless Shutter Release for Camera, Nikon Body Cap, and a 4GB SD card in a card holder
    -Large Clear/Solar Dyneema backed pouch, in it:
    ---Bluetooth Mouse, TB to HDMI Cable, MBA Charger
    ---Mini Clear/Cordura (Black) Organizer Pouch
    -----3 USB Cords (Micro, Mini, and B)
    -Friend of Tom Pouch
    ---External HDD
    -iPad or Kindle (Kindle is in a TB Padded Kindle Pouch)
    -Grado SR-80i Headphones thrown on top of my camera insert (sometimes, not always)

    Front 'Pouch" Compartment
    -Toothbrush and Toothpaste
    -Two Pens and a Pencil
    -Two Small soft-backed Moleskin
    -iPod Touch
    -HTC EVO (Haven't swallowed the iPhone kool-aid. Contract comes up in July and then I probably will.)

    Zippered Pockets
    -Small Solar Dyneema Pouch
    ---Basically packed full to the brim with audio adaptors, cables, RCA cables, etc. Can barely get it shut.
    -Mini Padded Pouch

    I think that's basically it. It's my every day--myhousecouldburndownbutithinkiwouldsurvive carrying load. Sometimes I tether my tripod bag to the bottom of my Super Ego using the waist strap clips as a mechanism to hold the other bag.

    While the bag might sound sort of heavy, I'm not really finding that being the case. Yes I have a lot of stuff in my bag, but it's all very manageable. I'm looking forward to this micro-brief type bag that's being announced tomorrow morning. I'm not sure if the long awaited Camera Insert and the micro-brief bag would be able to fit into the main compartment of a Super-Ego--but if they did that would be ultra amazing :)

    I guess, if you didn't want to read my block of text: I simply love Tom Bihn Bags.

    Now if I could just get asleep so I could look at this new bag coming out in the morning, life would be great!
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  • GEOcycle
    Born and raised in Madison - this is the first time I've left. Attended UW as well (In fact, that's where I met my wife while she was doing her Doctorate!), and my fascination with bags came from having to one with me every day for so long, especially around the city. Backpacks, messengers are everywhere. The smaller bags though, Ristretto-esque ones, especially outside of campus areas, just aren't that prevalent. Although visiting elsewhere in the US perhaps I just either didn't see much, or had blinders on. Ah well.

    If I'm out and about and I DON'T have a bag, I sort of feel like something's missing.

    I'll make sure to have more "portable workstation" photos up, even though I'm only job hunting at the moment, there's plenty that I'm having to do and learn!

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  • Badger
    Jon, ようこそ! I lived in Madison too! (I notice your wife got her wedding dress from Vera's House of Bridals. Very classy.)

    Part of me wonders if you didn't see more Ristretto-type bags in Madison because of the high student population, and the resulting proliferation of backpacks and huge messenger bags. I see lots more people carrying smaller bags in cities without a lot of students or professors running about. Personally, this is the first time in my adult life (and I suppose my child life, too) when I haven't had to carry a backpack every day.

    I hope you'll share more pics of Japan. Maybe one day I'll finally make it to the home country and we can look at our bags together.

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  • GEOcycle
    Originally posted by gmanedit View Post

    Just one quibble: "Here in Japan having a bag if you're a guy is just the norm. What I normally would consider massively feminine from a Westerner's point of view doesn't translate over here. It's awesome. It's not just Euro-chic to carry around a sweet bag." Here in New York, City of Shleppers, everyone carries bags, regardless of sex or age. Pedestrians have to carry stuff.
    Let me amend that - from a Midwesterner's point of view. It's rare to see everyone carry them, the idea of a "man purse" just hasn't taken over yet (and I say yet because it will happen.) Heck, my wife is British and kids me about it. All in good fun though. ;D No meaning to come across in any way negative, there definitely is a stark difference between how people carry back home, versus here.

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  • gmanedit
    Great write-up, great pictures. (Why do I suddenly want cake?) Enchanting-looking wife; you're a lucky man.

    Just one quibble: "Here in Japan having a bag if you're a guy is just the norm. What I normally would consider massively feminine from a Westerner's point of view doesn't translate over here. It's awesome. It's not just Euro-chic to carry around a sweet bag." Here in New York, City of Shleppers, everyone carries bags, regardless of sex or age. Pedestrians have to carry stuff.

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  • maverick
    awesome pictures, GEOcycle! welcome to the forum!

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  • misterN

    Love the post. I'm glad you're enjoying your bags. I can't wait for this next bag to be announced tomorrow.

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  • Darcy
    Awesome photos, Jon. Thanks for posting them!

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  • Katy
    Awesome photos!


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  • GEOcycle
    started a topic Hello! I have bags. Let me show you them. ;D

    Hello! I have bags. Let me show you them. ;D


    I've had a couple of my photos thrown up off Twitter/Flickr this year so I figured I'd post a few more here. I first heard of Tom Bihn when I was looking for a carrying solution for my iPad when I got it last March, I was brought here when I found reviews for the Ristretto and as someone who takes his bags seriously (to the point of almost being comical to wife and friends) I gave it a go and ... the addiction has started.

    I've had to slim down a bit after moving from my home back in Wisconsin, to now living in Japan for a few years. I have bags by Osprey, Ortlieb, have owned Booq, Timbuk2, BanjoBros, Camelbaks, product tested messenger bags & backpacks for my old job (I used to work for Trek Bicycles), bike specific bags handmade from Acorn Bag, and other various ones just from seeing cool stuff and wanting to try it out! I love seeing how people carry their gear in all ways, and having functional stuff really makes all the difference in the world in fighting with your needs, or just having a great time.

    So that being said ... my Tom Bihn collection started with a Conifer Ristretto - sold that to my brother to fund my Linen/Olive I just picked up right before I left in September. Katy was FANTASTIC in helping me with my ... shortened time schedule and at the same time I picked up an Aeronaut for my carryon luggage. 3 sizes of padded cases, 4 clear pouches, a wallet, small cork pouch, 2 large pouches, key straps in long and short sizes, absolute straps for both, cache for my Apple keyboard, and lists on what I'm looking to pick up in the future.

    My current Ristretto is with me 95% of the time I leave the house. Here in Japan having a bag if you're a guy is just the norm. What I normally would consider massively feminine from a Westerner's point of view doesn't translate over here. It's awesome. It's not just Euro-chic to carry around a sweet bag ;)

    I've really enjoyed the quality of my bags so far, and their use and functionality shines when I need it the most. So ... some pics from my travels and uses of my bags. :)

    My old Ristretto went to Scotland ... twice. I got engaged the first trip, married the second. You can probably guess which photos came on the first trip, and which one was the 2nd ;)

    Carried my Ristretto with my every day, it carried the engagement ring in there and it didn't leave my side for 6 straight days till I was able to climb the mountain and propose.

    @tombihn The Ristretto served me well on my trip! Didn't go anywhere without it! Note to self: order more pouches! by G e o cycle, on Flickr

    Since I was the only one with a bag ... I because the gear hauler as we shed layers on the climb, only to put them all back on at the top of Shiehallion. Poor overworked bag!

    There's a Bag in there … by G e o cycle, on Flickr

    And you can sort of see the Ristretto joining us in St. Andrews - where we would get married 3 months later. Absolute shoulder strap was SUCH a good ideal! :)

    Flying back to Madison tomorrow. This trip has been life changing in so many ways. :) by G e o cycle, on Flickr

    One American. One Scot. One Wedding Dress. O'Hare - here we come!!! by G e o cycle, on Flickr

    The Aeronaut was perfect for helping me move to Japan. I needed something that was MAXIMUM size, but kept the weight out of the bag itself. There was an 8lb difference between my old rolled case and my Bihn bag. That's 8lbs of more gear I was able to stuff in there!

    Some @TomBihn love in Japan! The Aeronaut is amazing. Fits perfectly into JAL carry-on sizers! Can fit so much in here! by G e o cycle, on Flickr

    Yep. That's a lot of luggage. by G e o cycle, on Flickr
    (Look! Ristretto helping out as a "Personal Item")

    More cream!!! by G e o cycle, on Flickr
    Ristretto helping me roll the World's Largest Rolled Cake in Nagoya last month.

    And the one that's on the blog right now - What's in my Ristretto! :)

    What's in my bag? by G e o cycle, on Flickr

    I'm in the market for some more bags. Depending on my job situation and what it requires it's going to decide whether or not I go with something like an ID or more like an Empire Builder/Zephyr. I left Trek to come here as my wife is doing a Postdoc here at Nagoya University. So I'm finishing up my resume to hopefully work as an English teacher while here. (Pardon all grammar and spelling mistakes ... heh) Also seriously considering a Smart Alec as a day-to-day backpack that swallows all. Not to mention the need for packing cubes, more pouches, and to get my wife (who can't possibly understand my addiction to bags ... hehe) some nice gear so she understands the benefits of having gear that just WORKS when you need it to, and behind the scenes.

    So that's about it, hello and I'll be continuing to see you all around. ;D