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First day with my new Co-Pilot

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    If there are more Co-Piloters in the house, I'd like to know about your experience.

    I am sure that the Holidays brought plenty of that handsome bag in many more hands.

    Don't have one, yet. :)


      I have a co-pilot for almost a year and have used it in a number situations - as a travel bag/personal carryon item and as a daily bag. It works well for both situations. It holds much more than you would think just by looking at it and it is amazingly versatile. The one complaint I have is that you can just barely fit a file folder ( standard A4 size) in it. While the bag is not designed for this, it's form factor is such that it would be really
      nice to be able to use it to hold a few folders along with my iPad or MBAir 11 in a cache. Another 1/2 inch in length would make it ideal. My quest for the perfect bag continues....