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    And for the BIG question: will the camera insert fit inside the cadet?????



      Originally posted by xtal View Post
      Thanks for taking that photo, that helps enormously. I think that my current setup (in neoprene sleeves) should live comfortably in the Cadet. Did you ever try to fit the larger lenses (67-72mm filter diameter) while attached to the body.

      Again, thanks for the stellar review, and following up via the forum.
      I haven't. The 105 DC is a 72mm filter lens. The problem is that my camera body is bulky. Roughly, it's 5 1/4" wide, about 4 1/2" tall (with my mono/tripod plate on) and about 3 1/8" deep. I would usually put the camera with lens attached with the LCD/back side down in the bag, but with my camera being so tall and wide, it distorts the shape of the bag.

      Originally posted by LiLin View Post
      Thank you very much MisterN for the photo of your camera gear inside the cadet. I had asked before about carrying camera gear inside the cadet - and you did respond to that post that you would not carry your camera gear in the cadet. I see your point now that I see your photo.

      I am waiting for TB to release the camera insert. It will be big for my panny gh2, but I am standing in line to purchase one when it becomes available!
      If you had a smaller size dSLR, I think it wouldn't be a big problem. My old D3100 would have fit in here no problem what so ever with lens attached. Your millage will vary dependent on what your camera is.
      Super Ego w/Seat Belt Buckle [Black/Steel/Wasabi], Cadet 13/15 [Cardinal/Steel], Aeronaut 45 [Cardinal/Steel], 13" Ristretto (Old) [Olive/Cayenne], Synapse 19 [Indigo/Iberian], Camera I/O, and a whole bunch of other goodies.


        Originally posted by ncb4 View Post
        I love my MBA 11, I really do: but I know what you mean about the Powerbook 12—nothing else has its personality. And despite the dented case (which has the unfortunate side effect of pushing out the plug of the power adapter when you don't realize it), the Powerbook is still doing yeoman's duty as my husband's home computer. Given his druthers, he'd still be using a chisel and stone tablet, but even he appreciates the little Powerbook for web surfing and quick checks of email.

        For your MBA, there are hard shells out there: Speck and Incipio make some. But I'm not sure how much protection that would offer in case of a drop. Is that what you mean by a stay-on always case?
        I kept modifying the PowerBook -- it's up to a 250GB hard drive now, and the . . . sixth, I believe, battery, and at least the third power cable. What pushed me to the MBA were the changes with the iPhone, actually -- I couldn't sync fully with the PowerBook because it could only run Leopard, and iOS 4 moved beyond that.

        I actually have an Incipio case on the MBA right now, but it started breaking literally as soon as I put it on, and keeps cracking on the edges so it doesn't stay on well. I've had NeoCases (neoprene stay-on cases) on every laptop since my iBook in 2004, and I've gotten used to that level of protection, but they don't make them for the MBAs. I've never used a case which the computer didn't "wear" all the time -- like the Cache, having to take it out -- so I'm resistant because it's another step before I can open the computer.

        Does anyone know how different the Cache for the Cadet is from the regular Cache? If one bought only the Cadet with the Cache, would that Cache be usable outside of the Cadet?


          The cache for the Cadet is usable outside of the Cadet but it has the two guardian clips sewn to the bottom of the case.


            The Cadet looks really good to me. I don't NEED another TB bag, but... I have an ID I use for a travel bag with 13" mbp + original ipad. it does get heavy, for me, when loaded up w/ pwr supply, exernal hd, various. cables & connectors (in snake charmer), etc. and files and books, too. Hope to get ipad3 when they come out -- expect it to be lighter than the original. Do you think I could get the 13" mbp + new ipad into the cadet sans all that other stuff? trying to lighten my load.


              If you are looking at the 13/15 it will be no problem. I routinely carry the MBP, a smaller tablet, a waterfield cable guy, 2 medium , 2 small and 2 mini TB organizer pouches.

              I don't have one of the 11, but I'd you did not put the MBP in a cache I would think you could get both in.