These are the first Tom Bihn bags I bought:

From left to right, Brain Bag, Freudian Slip, Smart Alec.

I bought the Brain Bag and Freudian Slip first, but found it was too large for every day use; carrying things to work, etc. So I got the Smart Alec, which is perfect for me as a daypack. I'll be using the Brain Bag as carry-on for a trip next year. I'll continue to use the Freudian Slip with both bags; it's become indispensable in the past few weeks -- it carries my pens, glasses, homework, and miscellaneous chargers. I do wish there were some way to attach it using the clips inside the bag (annex clips?).

Although you can't see it here, the inside of the Smart Alec is Solar. I thought I wouldn't like this, but it makes it very easy to find things inside the bag.

Next up: large cafe bag and some organizer pouches.