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Various photos that have bags in them!

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    Various photos that have bags in them!

    Just a set of some new photos from various travels and day-to-day life here. I'll just update this single thread as I take more photos while here in Japan, and on other travels, add more to it. Thanks for looking! :D

    I just saw this on the main blog page - thank you, Darcy!!! :D

    Large Shop Bag by G e o cycle, on Flickr

    We got 4-5" of snow in Nagoya earlier this week. In talking to some friends, apparently this was the largest snow falling that has occurred here in many years. I took the day to walk around the city, and visit some snow-fallen temples. All the photos are on among the linked photos below. Just a couple pictures of the bag in one of the forests I found in the city, among one one of the temple grounds near me. :)

    Snow Day by G e o cycle, on Flickr
    (ok, not a bag ... but too cute to not post!)

    Synapse and Snow by G e o cycle, on Flickr

    Tom Bihn Synapse dusted! by G e o cycle, on Flickr

    A hike through some woods! by G e o cycle, on Flickr
    (precarious use of snow, gloves, and timing to get that photo!)

    And ... the 2012 Forum Gift this year! Extra small in case you still want to be surprised! ;)

    Thank you, Tom Bihn!!! :) by G e o cycle, on Flickr

    Today we spent the day at the Hadaka Matsuri in Kounomiya. Hadaka Matsuri is essentially a "Naked Festival" !!! Was a blast to be there and see everything, and as much as I'm sure all of you want to see grown men in loincloths parading around in the thousands, I don't have those photos/videos uploaded yet.

    What I do have, though, is a familiar "TB" logo on a sternum strap representin' here as I snack on some street food!

    Squid on a stick? SURE!!! #omnomnom #battlezilla by G e o cycle, on Flickr
    Expat living in Japan
    iPad RistrettoAeronautSynapseLg Shop Bag • lots of little accessory pouches - straps - and other goodies!

    Now ... what else do I "need" ...

    I loved, absolutely loved your pictures of the room and house in Japan. Why is it that we can not reproduce this in the US? that we are so full of stuff...and we can't get to the spareness and elegance of it?! I would love to know more about the Tatami room---always been my dream and have been very fascinated how with a flick of various screens you can change the room. Can you share more of that here? Small well designed bags from TB fit the Japanese concept of space and design it seems!


      Awesome pics as always. I saw on your flickr stream that there's another "interesting" pizza. Looks suspect to me.

      @Shiva, most non-western Japanese homes have fairly empty rooms with a closet where you can keep your bedding. During the day, you might have a little table (sometimes with a heating element underneath and a blanket on top for winter) and some butt pillows. At night, you put your futon on the floor and sleep there. Fun fact: rooms are measured by tatami, that is, how many mats you can fit inside the room. A 6-tatami room is smaller than an 8-tatami room.

      I'm not sure if the aesthetic that traditional Japanese apply to their homes translates to their packing style. Have you ever seen the standard Japanese suitcase? They're like 3 feet tall and made out of plastic.