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I think I will have to steal my husband's Western Flyer!

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    I think I will have to steal my husband's Western Flyer!

    Hi everyone,

    Today my latest box of TB goodies arrived - a black/ultraviolet Synapse for me to use as a lightweight gym bag, a Citizen Canine (in Cardinal) and a Western Flyer (black/Iberian with rolling luggage handle sleeve) for my husband. I am neither a photographer nor very technically capable, so I am not going to attempt to post any photos here (sorry).

    My husband plans to use the WF for shortish business trips in conjunction with a rolling briefcase. It is ideally designed for this purpose and I know he is going to love using it. But there's just one problem. I think I am going to have to "appropriate" (OK, steal:)) the Western Flyer. Perhaps if I don't tell my husband the box has arrived, he will forget about it.... ;)

    Don't get me wrong, I love my TriStar. But there is something about the Western Flyer's proportions that is so much leaner, and believe it or not, somehow more feminine. When my TriStar is fully packed I find it can be quite awkward and heavy to carry, partly because of its "fat" profile. The WF with the Absolute Strap just sits so neatly against my side when I wear it cross body (I prefer not to carry a backpack). And I like the two compartment design, which works very logically with the way I organize my packing, although of course the TS's three compartment design also works extremely well for me.

    So here's my summary of my initial impressions of the WF as compared with the TS - leaner, more elegant, more feminine, cleaner and more minimal look (yes, minimal can be feminine).

    Perhaps I will wait to see whether any new colours are coming out in the luggage sleeve version (before I turn to a life of crime), and order a second one for myself. Now, in the meantime, I just have to take a chainsaw to my packing lists to see what can be achieved! I foresee a test pack before too long....

    JLE -- I think you get my vote for "most amusing topic heading." Just reading it made me chuckle!

    I totally agree with your assessment; I actually have both a Tri-Star AND a Western Flyer (technically the Tri-Star is hubby's hand-me-down) and I much rather prefer the WF because I think it's better proportioned for women.

    One thought--if your husband plans to use the WF with his rolling briefcase for his business travels, then maybe you can talk him into borrowing it for recreational trips, when he switches to his Tri-Star?

    Oh wait, YOU have a Tri-Star and he doesn't, you say?

    I think I see a barter deal in the future. "Honey, when we go on our vacation travels, could I use your Western Flyer if I let you use my Tri-Star? You won't need to take your rolling briefcase on your vacations, right, honeybuns?!?!"


      Lani, although we have never met, I would never have taken you for a person who would come up with a reason NOT to make a further TB purchase! ;) Clearly the only solution is a second WF (waiting on colours now!).

      In case anyone is interested I just posted some details of a test pack over at One Bag One World. The results were extremely pleasing. Here's a link (which I hope works!):

      Western Flyer - test pack 1 (women) - OBOW Light Travel Forum - One-bag, carry-on, light travel tips, techniques, and gear


        Well, yes.... I would never tell someone not to get their very own Western Flyer!! But ya know, I gotta at least offer the more economical solution first! ;-)


          Originally posted by Lani View Post
          Well, yes.... I would never tell someone not to get their very own Western Flyer!! But ya know, I gotta at least offer the more economical solution first! ;-)
          That's very kind of you! But, you know, I have now done two test packs of the WF for different types of trips, and some comparison packs of my TriStar (documented at OBOW). The result of all this experimentation is that I think as soon as the good folk at TB decide on the new WF colour, I will be donating my TriStar to my husband (who LOVES it, and loved getting compliments on his - er, my - packing prowess when he travelled with it to Tokyo this week) and downsizing permanently to the WF!


            OK, so my cunning plan to steal my husband's WF is not going as well as I had hoped. In fact, it is a complete failure.

            Yesterday he took it with him on an overnight trip to Sydney, with a change of clothes in the back compartment (in large packing cube) and his laptop, work papers etc in the front compartment. He won't admit it (since his inability to understand my bag obsession is a recurring theme of our marriage:) ), but I know he LOVES this bag. You should have seen the secret little smile of self-satisfaction on his face as he walked out the door! He is back to Japan next week for several days, and I think he will, without any encouragement from me, use it for his clothes (with laptop and papers in his Tumi rolling brief), provided his meetings are business casual (usually he wears a suit and tie).

            I may have failed in Operation WF Extraction, but I have succeeded in converting him into a light traveller. Score!

            Almost the best part about this is that it opens up so many new guilt-free TB shopping opportunities. Now I can browse caches, Brain Cells, Freudian Slips and padded organiser pouches, and justify slipping a few extra items in the box for me on the basis that I was really just shopping for him...... ;)


              @JLE, I have been flip-flopping between the Aeronaut & the Tristar. All the love for the WF I have been reading, including yours, now throws the WF into the ring. Now I am doing a merry-go-round of the three bags. :)


                Sorry, Walker, that probably wasn't helpful for you! All these bags are so good, you really want people to help narrow things down, not expand the options! :)

                Actually, since I put up my last post, there has been a Very Welcome Development. I returned to the WF page to have another wistful gaze at the colour schemes on offer (I have been trying to persuade myself that black or steel could work for me but I'd really rather something else), not expecting to find any change from the last time I looked. But I found Cardinal/Steel had been added (on back order) in the rolling luggage pockets configuration that I prefer for this bag. This, naturally, was the occasion for an immediate further order to make sure I didn't miss out on my preferred colour scheme! Today the sun is shining here in Melbourne in more ways than one! :)

                Anyway, once all my bags arrive in May I will have the trifecta, so to speak, and will be able to test out the optimum travel conditions for each of the Aeronaut, TS and WF. And my husband can rest easy in the knowledge that his WF is finally safe from my clutches!