When I first joined the forums several months ago, I was on the hunt for a new "perfect" bag to take to dog shows. After going back and forth, round and round, I think I have it.

I started with a Lexie Barnes Superstar which served me well for about 6 years but was often too heavy to carry comfortably.
I thought that an Imago would be perfect. Or an LCB.
Then I considered a Brain Bag or a Super Ego.
I finally decided on an Ego. But I didn't like any of the colors.
So I just bought an Absolute Strap and added it to my Lexie Barnes bag and took it to a show. It was easier to carry but still not quite perfect.

And then this weekend I took my new UV Synapse AND my new Iberian Co-Pilot to a 3 day show. Perfect.

I used the Co-Pilot as my PLO. In it I carried:
Front Pocket: 16 oz Insulated Kleen Kanteen
Side Pocket 1: Sunglasses, glasses
Side Pocket 2: Knitting project.
Main Compartment: iPad, a BUNCH of pouches with all kinds of stuff in them including screen cleaner, extra contact lenses, rewards cards, tea bags, etc
Back Pocket: Wallet, iPhone

I carried this with me to restarants, shopping, etc. I used the strap that came on the Co-Pilot, next time I will switch it out to the Absolute Strap.

My Synapse had all the other stuff that I think I need (and rarely use):
Bottom Pocket: Padded organizer with various chargers.
Side Pocket 1: This pocket was empty!
Side Pocket 2: Another knitting project
Water Bottle Pocket: 20 oz Kleen Kanteen
Main Compartment: 2 books, Kindle, more yarn, and a TON of stuff in pouches including Tide pen, Clorox pen, WD-40 pen, Krazy Glue, Nail file, Leatherman tool, mints, drink mixes, gum, wet wipes, you name it I got it.

This was carried into the show and left sitting most mornings and back to the car each night. Never even went into the hotel, but it was there if I needed anything.

This worked out really well and I only missed my EDC LCB/MCB a couple times and only becuase they are just so darn convenient to open!