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My beautiful new SYNAPSE arrived today! I "practice packed" it for a two week trip!

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    My beautiful new SYNAPSE arrived today! I "practice packed" it for a two week trip!

    My beautiful Iberian Synapse arrived, and (even though I had been warned) I was shocked at how small it looked. I decided to try "practice packing" for my trip in May. I'm going to Seattle and NYC, and the whole trip is 2 and a half weeks. Here's what I packed:


    2 pair thin pants

    1 set thin long underwear or thin pj’s

    3 panties, 1 bra, 2 pr socks

    4 tee shirts/tank tops

    2 button shirts( for this trip, I packed light sweater instead of two button shirts)


    hair gel, face cleanser and cream, eye drops, nose spray, small tube Aquaphor, toothpaste


    mineral make up, toothbrush, floss, deo stick, bar shampoo, small mirror, vitamins


    ipad/iphone charger, small hair brush, green and herbal tea bags, flax seed packets, spork, iPad, one pair of light shoes, loaded small purse containing wallet, credit cards, license, lipstick, chapstick, advil, ear plugs, reading glasses, sun glasses, iPhone

    Now, if you are shocked, keep in mind that I wear size XL clothes, that I fit in my iPad, and that I fit in a small purse. I also packed one more tee shirt than I had originally planed, and one more pair of underpants. I can now go 4 days without doing laundry - longer if I wash out undies! I'm trying to post pictures. Stay tuned! Take care, LauraA
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    "To travel hopefully is a better thing than to arrive."

    Wow, Katy, thanks so much for your help posting the pictures! I can pack a bag, but can't post a picture!! The last picture is the bag fully packed, and shows how much room was left at the top. I ended up putting my purse in there. I could also have added an extra sweater. I just can't believe that the iPad and the shoes fit in there! On the plane I wear thicker pants, walking shoes, tee shirt and light jacket, my travel scarf, and I carry a slightly heavier jacket. Oh, and the bag weighs less that 12 pounds! Take care, LauraA
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    "To travel hopefully is a better thing than to arrive."


      I'm shocked at how much you were able to fit in there! The Packing Cube is a great idea!!!
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        The Iberian Synapse is beautiful! I just love the Dyneema fabric.
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          Wow! I knew my Synapse had magical I-can-stuff-a-lot-of-things-in-here goodness, but I never thought about using it for travel (other than as a "personal item"). I'm going to visit my sister this weekend, and am now going to only take my Synapse. Thanks for the inspiration (and photos)!
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            Originally posted by LauraA View Post
            I decided to try "practice packing" for my trip in May. I'm going to Seattle and NYC, and the whole trip is 2 and a half weeks.
            Wow! Yet another person who managed to pack everything for their trip into a Synapse. I'm really impressed.

            ... and kind of inspired!

            I think I might go home and actually see if it's possible for me to pack *that* lightly!


              Thanks all - Katy was kind enough to post the pictures for me, and I notice that I sent two that were pretty much the same - sorry. I also want everyone to know that I tried using two small packing cubes, and that worked about the same. In some cases, it might be good to divide up stuff. I really should have taken everything out of the little red container (make up bag that goes inside the multicolored container with the other toiletries) and everything out of the purse! That way, you could have seen even more "stuff" that I stuffed in that little bag! By the way, I put that multicolored toiletry bag in the water bottle compartment. I can't wait for my trip! Take care, LauraA
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              "To travel hopefully is a better thing than to arrive."


                I had a feeling you could do it! ;-) That Iberian looks great. Thanks for reporting back, Laura, and especially for the pix.


                  This is amazing, and as others have said, inspiring. Like Lani, I want to play with my Synapse now and see if I can get as much in there as you did.


                    Thanks all, and I promise - there was room to spare! As I said, my clothes are not small. Now, men's shoes wouldn't fit in that bottom section, but thin sandals or flats of mine do (size 8). Today I replaced the little multicolored toiletry kit that I had in the water bottle section with an old Eagle Creek long thin packing cube. Works even better because it is almost the shape/size of a water bottle. Oh, and it is too late to edit my packing list, but I forgot to mention AYR nasal gel - in with the liquids. It is great to keep your nose from getting dry on planes. I only take the nose spray that I listed in case I were ever congested - I've never actually needed it. Take care, LauraA
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                    "To travel hopefully is a better thing than to arrive."


                      Hi LauraA,
                      OK, that does it, I'm inspired. I'm going to visit my SILs in a couple of weeks for four days. I made up my mind to only take one bag and nothing else. I've been sitting here trying to figure out which bag. Brain Bag, Western Flyer, some other backpack. After reading your post and seeing the pictures I've decided on my ultraviolet Synapse. Thanks for the pictures!!! Never thought to use a cube either but I will now.
                      Take care,
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                        *sigh* ultraviolet Synapse *sigh* ;-)


                          Great job LauraA, it's cool to see how creative others are uncomplicating travel


                            Originally posted by TavaPeak View Post
                            *sigh* ultraviolet Synapse *sigh* ;-)
                            *sigh* Iberian Synapse *sigh*
                            (not listed as being on backorder)


                              Okay, I want one! Well, you convinced me. I am amazed at the amount you could carry! I also like the Dyneema version.

                              Thank you for the beautiful pictures and I'll blame you as I have no will power. It's on the wish list now!

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