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Aeronaut vs Tri Star vs Western Flyer

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    Aeronaut vs Tri Star vs Western Flyer

    My new Aeronaut (Cardinal/Steel) arrived yesterday, so I have had a little time to play with it. I won't repeat details about the bag that others have posted about before, but I thought I would offer some thoughts on how the three bags compare for my style of travel (ie - light, mostly urban, not a backpacker, like creature comforts and eating out!;)).

    The Aeronaut does not really look that much bigger than my Tri Star but it will hold MUCH more. Even with two large filled packing cubes in the main compartment there is room to fit other items around the sides. The end compartments are much bigger than I expected - I can fit up to three light pairs of shoes (eg Merrells, barefoot runners, ballet flats, flat sandals) in a packing cube in one end compartment and still have quite a bit of room for socks or odds and ends in there. The big risk of this bag is that I will pack it too heavily, so discipline will be required when I use it. This bag could be used for very lengthy periods of travel. And the single compartment format definitely has advantages for longer leisure trips. I will probably use it when I go to Bhutan next year. An empty Synapse will pack fairly flat on the bottom of the main compartment - I foresee a dyneema Synapse purchase before too long!

    I think now that I have the Aeronaut, I would probably limit my use of the Tri Star to trips when I want to use the centre compartment just for technology (ie the purpose for which it was designed). On previous leisure trips I have used all three compartments for clothes and personal items; I think I will generally find myself choosing either WF or the Aeronaut for this sort of trip in future (depending on how much I want to carry). I try to avoid over-packing the TS to avoid creating a fat cube of a bag (not as comfortable to carry) When I have that much to pack, I will go for the Aeronaut and when I have less, I'll bet I can fit it all in the WF anyway. So for lighter trips I expect to pick up the WF more often than the TS.

    So, does this mean that what was formerly my favorite bag might be all but retired?.....
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    Congratulations on your new bag, @JLE. I am still waiting for mine. I had ordered it with some items on back order.

    While waiting for it to ship, I added a WF :).


      Ever since getting my Aeronaut, I haven't used my Tristar at all. While the TS is a great bag, I just seem to prefer the Aeronaut.
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        Originally posted by Frank II View Post
        Ever since getting my Aeronaut, I haven't used my Tristar at all. While the TS is a great bag, I just seem to prefer the Aeronaut.
        My TS will still be used but I suspect more by my husband than me. It is the perfect size for all those golf weekends he used to take before we had children... :)


          Originally posted by JLE View Post
          My TS will still be used but I suspect more by my husband than me. It is the perfect size for all those golf weekends he used to take before we had children... :)
          So you might have a spare WF then?


            Originally posted by Mark1966 View Post
            So you might have a spare WF then?
            Slow down there Trigger! You haven't even used your new TS yet! :)


              Today I did a test pack of my new Aeronaut for an extended weekend away to a climate that is a bit crisp by Australian standards (well, by this Australian's standards, anyway!). I packed the following items (could definitely have packed lighter, but more on that later):

              1 cashmere lightweight cardigan
              1 sleeveless knit top
              1 pair of narrow black trousers
              1 pair of jeans
              1 grey knit pencil skirt
              1 red dress (there's a party!)
              2 lightweight silk thermal tops
              2 lightweight long sleeved jersey tops
              2 silk tanks (to layer)
              Underwear, leggings, tights, socks etc for four days
              CQPC containing dry toiletries, meds and travel-sized hair straightening irons
              3-1-1 bag (I don't need to separate liquids out for domestic air travel, but it's how my system is set up)
              3D organizer cube containing chargers, leads etc
              Shoes - Merrells, ballet flats and heeled slingbacks (for the party)
              Slim evening purse (ditto)
              Empty LCB in one of the end compartments

              To wear on plane:
              Knit skirt, leggings, ankle boots, tank top, warm sweater and lightweight down anorak.

              Handbag containing:
              IPad in cache
              Travel sized bluetooth speakers
              Noise isolating earbuds
              Small purse/card holder
              Reading glasses and sunglasses
              Diary, pen
              Small pouch for cosmetics/brushes
              Cashmere shawl
              Travel docs (boarding pass etc)

              The good news is that everything fits into the Aeronaut with really quite a lot of room to spare. It is amazing how much this bag will hold! In fact, that's why I put the LCB in there. The bad news is that it weighed about 9 kg. Too heavy. I want my main carry on to be no more than 7 kg.

              It's obvious why it's too heavy. Too many shoes, too many options for evenings, packing jeans instead of wearing them on the plane...

              Plan B is to repack using the LCB as the personal item (it will fit everything I need for the flight with room to spare) and see how well I can fit everything else into the WF, editing my packing list down as necessary. I know it will all go into the TS so there's no challenge in trying that!
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