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Extreme one-bagging with the Co-pilot

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    Extreme one-bagging with the Co-pilot

    My 14 year old son and I just returned from traveling from Idaho to Houston to catch two baseball games (Dodgers v Astros). I have been a fan of the one-bag means of travel for some time and usually use a Tri-star for that purpose. Since we were dressing super casually and only spending one night, we chose to "extreme one-bag", my son using his school backpack and me, only the copilot. In the main compartment I packed a t-shirt, socks and change of underwear in a small tristar packing cube. This left room for an iPad and Sennheiser noise cancelling headphones. In the right front pocket was my Jawbone Jambox speaker and a laser pico projector. In the left front pocket were my keys and iPhone. The middle water bottle pocket contained my 3-3-1 bag. A couple of magazines in the back pocket. It was great not to worry about finding overhead bin space. We often mentioned that we didn't feel we were missing anything. In fact, I now wonder if I had ditched the entertainment apparatus, if I could have done it in a side-effect or a Scottyvest, or packed enough clothes for a two night trip in the co-pilot.

    My wife made fun of me for this (saying she loves my purse) and I had to explain that it was just a stunt, but I would do it again in a heartbeat.

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    'Extreme one-bagging' - I can see somebody pitching the pilot episode to the cable networks as we speak.....


      Originally posted by Mark1966 View Post
      'Extreme one-bagging' - I can see somebody pitching the pilot episode to the cable networks as we speak.....
      Announcer: "Next week, on Discovery..."

      Airline crew: "Sir, where is the rest of your luggage?"
      Passenger: "This is all I'm taking."
      Airline crew: "But sir, we're in Boise, and you're flying all the way to Houston. You don't have anything to check in?"
      Passenger: "Nope. Got my trusty Tom Bihn Co-Pilot here (lifts up a tiny man-purse bag); it's all I need for this quick trip."
      Airline crew: "Hmm.... I better call TSA and warn them to inspect your little bag carefully!"

      Announcer: "You've seen the rollaboards. You've seen big duffle bags. You've even seen the rugged backpacks. But you've NEVER seen...


      Watch with awe and fascination, as you see these extreme travelers venture into the wild with just a single bag, so small they could hide it under their coats!"


        I too will use a Co-Pilot for a weekend trip. Alas, when packing for my cat, he needs an Aeronaut. So I can pack extreme 0ne-bagging for myself, or the living large style for the cat!
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