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Smart Alec Makes the Final Cut for Haiti Trip

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    Dmelim, I'm headed to Haiti for a missions trip summer of 2015 hosted by my church. I'm super excited, and curious about your thoughts from your similar length trip. How did your packed items work out? Anything you wish you had brought? Any things you wish you had left behind? Cultural, custom, situational considerations that I may need to be aware of? Tips?
    The leaders of our team have experience from one to 15 years doing these trips, and I will be picking their brains too, but they aren't aware of most of the goodies that I have found out about through this forum and I feel that I can probably receive some travel savy specific advice here I would not receive from them.
    Dichroic recommended Macabi skirts and I have gotten one from Evilbay and plan to add at least one more. (She also tipped me off to their current sale). We will be staying at an un-airconditioned guest house at a church so we will need to be skirted (below the knee) when we leave our dorm. Cotton skirts and tops historically had difficulty drying in a timely manner. Laundry service will be available if I choose to use it.
    We are also required to wear modest necklines and sleeved shirts. I now own a few short sleeve REI tactile nylon camp shirts. I'm hoping to remain within their cultural expectations from these tops and bottoms.
    Our "project" will be caring for, teaching, running a VBS for the 14 girls that live at the orphanage. We may also assist in constructing a part of the next wing of the orphanage.
    My team leaders have advised that I won't be able to "prepare" myself for the differences in what I will experience and what I am used to, but I'm hoping to be prepared for what I bring/wear/carry.
    I was considering my Aeronaut as my travel bag, but after seeing how light and compact the macabi skirts and REI tops are, am considering my S25 or even S19. I guess once I am closer to knowing exactly what I'm bringing, I can figure that out. In addition to my carry-on personal bag, the team will require us to each bring 2-50 pound checked bags with our team supplies. Evidently it's more reliable and affordable to bring them on the flight vs. ship them.
    Sorry for the long post, but after having read that, any tips? Thanks in advance. I value the advice of the forum members. It is so helpful to have a wealth of knowledge on travel in one place.
    I really, really like TB Bags!