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    MCB Review

    Now that I've had my bag for a little while, I thought I'd give a review for others.

    I got the plum/wasabi combo - I really like this color and have gotten several compliments. The wasabi makes it easy to find things inside.

    I do wish that I had a third pocket on the side, but otherwise it works pretty well for my needs, some things I've been able to cram in:

    Farmer's market trip: Water bottle (24oz), umbrella, wine bottle we got, cardigan (a friend's, she couldn't carry it in her bag), 1 medium pouch, 3 small pouches/wallet, misc stuff in the front pocket (pouch between medium/small size (mine) and other loose stuff), cell phone, keys, reuseable bag (chico in purple)

    Morning Commute on Bus: Water bottle, umbrella, polo shirt, reuseable plastic container with food, pouches, etc as above

    Regular: Water bottle, umbrella, pouches, keys, cell phone + battery, sunglasses, misc pouch in front (hair brush, gum, etc), thin long notepad, USB key, hair ties, keys, badge, reuseable bag (chico, in purple)... plus I can put snacks, misc goods, etc in the back pocket or on top as needed.

    Finally, the strap is a bit uncomfortable (got the standard one) - it tends to leave marks on my shoulders if I am not wearing sleeves. Overall this bag has worked well for me so far, much easier to lug around than a messenger bag when I don't have a laptop.

    At some point I hope to test it further, but I am glad I got it!

    PS - safety tip - if you are traveling, the handle can be looped through your belt to help keep the bag from being ripped off your shoulder and stolen

    Thanks for this review. I haven't felt the need for a Cafe Bag yet, but if I had to choose one right this second, I'd go for a MCB in Plum/Wasabi. It's very helpful to know the different kinds of loads it can carry for different outings!
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      Great review, thanks for sharing. If you get a chance, try the Ultrasuede Strap Wrap, it's wonderfully comfortable and it won't leave marks on your neck.
      I really, really like TB Bags!


        Great review! I am collecting a Plum/Wasabi LCB today for my new commuting bag and I can't wait! I second the Ultrasuede wrap strap. I got one with my MCB purchase and it makes heavy loads super comfy. I also use it to hold the two handles of my Kiwi Swift together when I use the Swift for my commuting bag. Keeps it very firmly on my shoulder and is always comfortable. Plus it makes the open-topped Swift a little more secure.
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          I never thought of using one of the Ulstrsuede Strap Wraps over my Swift handles! What an excellent idea though. I'll be ordering one to try on my Swifts since I consider the one on my MCB and Z's MCB to be permanently in place.
          I really, really like TB Bags!