I have waxed on about the goodness and joy of using the SuperEgo as a travel bag... but wow...it is even better now that I added the Q-AM and having just returned from the first trip using the SE/QAM combo, I wanted to sing some more praises.

As a lead in, let me say, I am short (5-2) and chubby. The SE is a big bag that I would never think to try to carry cross-wise, though that is my usual style for wearing satchels/messengers. It would not be comfortable for me this way for several different reasons. For this bag, I cinch the strap and carry it on one shoulder. The standard strap worked, but there was too much strap compared to pad for my comfort and the extra strap made for more bag-swing. But, shazam on the Q-AM! I shorten it and not only is the whole thing padded, it keeps the bag closer to me and it is nicely balanced.

All to say, the Q-AM works for more than cross-body and for different body types...if you are considering it, fear not, doubt not! It can add to the love.