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New November Reviews: Super Ego, Imago, Archetype, Aeronaut

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    New November Reviews: Super Ego, Imago, Archetype, Aeronaut

    Rick Yaeger of MacMerc Reviews the Super Ego:
    "The Super Ego sells for a respectable USD$140 and, with the custom options I've mentioned here, can easily cost you over USD$100 more. But the Super Ego is not an impulse buy, it's the kind of purchase you make when you're tired of trying to make do with those other bags and want to finally get something that does the job right. It's kind of like switching to a Mac, actually. The Superego might have been the "lil angel" of Sigmund Freud's structural model of the psyche, but in Tom Bihn's messenger bag line-up the Super Ego kicks ass and takes names. I'm carrying around some serious psychological(ly themed) baggage here."

    Eric Dey of the Gadgeteer Reviews the Archetype:
    "Did I mention that the bag itself is very stylish, and seems at home just about anywhere? We wandered throughout Venice with The Archetype, and never felt out of place amongst the stylish Italians or the throngs of tourists. In more pedestrian settings such as the office, The Archetype invites both comment and compliments. To be fair, comments and compliments may have been offered in Italy, but being monolingual, I cannot say for sure. It should also note that it was sturdy enough to survive a surprise pigeon attack near St. Marks Cathedral."

    Sparky of GearLive Reviews the Imago:
    "The Imago gets a clear 10/10 Editors Choice pick - between it’s medium size (smaller than a backpack, larger than a purse), well laid out pockets, and sturdy construction the Imago is an easy buy for anyone looking for a messenger bag. For the asked price of $85.00 is of similar price to many other bags lacking the durability and style of Tom Bihn."

    Alan Williams of the Daily Gadget Reviews the Aeronaut:
    "But on top of all of this is the way that Tom Bihn stands behind it’s products. You have a problem with one of their bags, they take care of it. I’ve not encountered many companies that have that sort of customer service, and it’s to be lauded when you find it. I have no worries when I spend my money with Tom Bihn because I know I’ll be taken care of."

    Tom Bihn Customer Allen Reviews the Aeronaut on his blog:
    "I also ordered the packing cubes that go along with it. I got two smaller and one large and they fit perfectly into the bag. I am glad that I got the ones made by Tom Bihn because they were sized exactly right- no wasted space. Honestly, if left to my own devices I will usually pack using my foot- stuff everything in and then jam with my foot so it will eventually close. The packing cubes truely maximized space- I was able to take 5 shirts (4 short-sleeve, 1 long sleeve), three pairs of pants, 8 pairs of socks and underwear, some t-shirts, 3 pairs of shorts, and 2 pairs of shoes. Not too shabby!"
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    Thanks for the great reviews..