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Got my NEW 2XL Horizontal Brain Cell Today

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    Got my NEW 2XL Horizontal Brain Cell Today

    In OLIVE no less...sweet!! And thanks to the recommendations here I also grabbed an Absolute Strap too.

    I love the bag and the color is great. All the things I read about the bags are true and not exaggerations. Construction, fit, finish are all above and beyond anything else I have ever tried. It's also the first bag I ever considered actually does protect my laptop. I will add a Super Ego in March...woo-hoo!!

    But the thing that really is making my teeth sweat is that Absolute Strap...it's amazing! The pad is so comfy-cozy. It's very soft and conforming. Feels as if there is no strap across my shoulder. There is a fabric side and a soft rubbery side. I find I like the rubber non-slip side down. It feels like the pad is gel filled but I am not sure if it is...it's just soft and absorbs all shocks and really distributes the tension in the strap very well.

    It was a wonderful surprise to find on the porch when I got home this afternoon. Who knew a laptop bag could brighten my day...hehehehe...and a special thanks to Alex & Darcy for getting me this bag sooner then expected...I'll bring treats for the kitties & dawgies when we come visit...

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    An update after using the HBC for week now...and I could not be more pleased. It even experienced a major latte attack on it's maiden voyage. A leetle feller had a failure in his cup holding device which resulted in the "fragging" of anyone in a 10ft radius. Poor dude was so scared he was in trouble...but of course he ended up the center of attention from all the, ahem, grown-ups. ;)

    It was nice because the sticky sugar filled beverage was a good test of ease of cleaning. I used a damp cloth and got the major part clean there. There when I got home any residue cleaned up with just a bit of warm sudsy water.

    I also cannot stop my love affair with the Absolute Strap. Right now I just carry my HP NX9420 laptop with an extra 12-cell battery attached. While I get a total of 8-10hrs battery life it does add weight. The laptop weighs in at just about 7.4lbs. With the extra battery the total is 9lbs. But that is a 17" laptop so, not so bad. Anyway, I carry that, my MP3 player, a headset and some work papers. I weighed the whole thing and it comes in at around 13-14lbs. While it's not super light weight the Absolute Strap makes it feel as if there is nothing there during my walks to my "Office" at Starbucks. It's about 3/4mi walk each way and now a pure pleasure to carry the things I need.

    I still need to get some pics to post but this is a pretty big laptop and the extra battery does stick out making it not only thicker but wider on one end. But the fit is just perfect. I can slide my new toy into it's cozy home fat end (hinge end) first without a problem...

    Needless to say ever need I had for this bag is easily met.

    BTW, I really LOVE the Olive color...gawd ANYTHING to save me from yet another "black bag" but the color is really niiice...

    Thanks for letting me ramble it's the first chance I have had since the bag arrived...