Overall I think it's a fantastic bag. It follows me almost
everywhere I go, weather I'm biking, taking the bus,
unicycling, or even walking. I'll start with the things I
like, and then I'll mention a couple of things that bug me a

I really like the waste strap. It's one of the main reasons
I bought this bag. I often end up with way more weight than
is comfortable to carry solely on the shoulder. I've never
seen any other shoulder bag with such a large waste strap.

I like the open pocket behind the zipper compartment for
keeping papers and folders. I use it constantly.

The open pockets in front, water bottle holders, and other
details like the series of short horizontal straps on the
main flap. These last are perfect for clipping things on
(like a blinking light).

It looks cool and is excellently constructed.

There are only two things that bug me slightly. First, I
don't think the shape of the main compartment is ideal. The
opening is significantly narrower than the bottom, making it
very difficult or sometimes impossible to carry bulkier

On one occasion, I actually ended up carrying a large box
outside the bag by buckling the flap around the bottom, and
the waste strap around the sides of the package. This worked
OK, but if the opening of the main compartment was just a
tiny bit bigger, I could have easily fit it inside.

My other "complaint" (more like personal preference) is that
I would like a thicker, or perhaps a padded waste strap,
like you find on the more serious backpacks. With a large
laptop in the zipper compartment, and a liter of water, and
the main compartment filled with say, groceries, it gets
dangerously heavy.