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Mini Organizer Pouch

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    Mini Organizer Pouch

    A gift came in the mail today. Thanks so much. It perfectly matches my Imago.
    Another reason why I love Tom Bihn bags is this kind of extra customer service.

    Mini Organizer Pouch

    I received this item today, and it was an instant hit with me. Perfect for the extra credit cards that make my wallet bulge! I might even be able to use it for a mini-wallet, and leave the big one at home! My t-mobile dash fits in it too - even if it's a bit of a tight fit. If I had two of them, I'd use the second one for holding the head-set for my dash. :)

    Tolovana (still waiting for the new Eclipse!)


      I got one too!

      Also wanted to say, "Thanks!" for the little surprise I got in the mail. I can't wait to try it out!



        You are very welcome!! Do let us know how you use it/what you think of it.

        We also have different kinds of pouches coming out in the next month or so, including padded Organizer Pouches.

        Other forum members should be receiving Mini Organizer Pouches in the next few days, depending on where they live. If you think you should have received a Mini Pouch but didn't, let me know.
        Have a question? @Darcy (to make sure I see it)

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          I also received my mini organizer pouch. I really like the look/feel of it. I will be taking w/me to Turkey in a few weeks to test it out. Great little organizer.



            Just received mine in the mail. Clips nicely into my Brain Bag. It could stand to be a hair bigger - I have a wallet that tends to turn into a George Constanza wallet (crammed full of junk like receipts) and it doesn't quite fit inside the organizer pouch.

            Though I may end up using it for those receipts to deal with the Constanza wallet problem... ;)


              Originally posted by Darcy View Post

              We also have different kinds of pouches coming out in the next month or so, including padded Organizer Pouches.
              The padded pouch sounds really cool, especially since we had discussed them in here a while ago. Are they like the end pocket of the Imago?



                What a sweet surprise that came in yesterday's mail!! I love the thing...I had just been looking around for something to carry odds and ends in like a few bucks in cash and a credit card and/or my pill case.

                I have it attached right now to my HBC and am just heading off to Starbucks (otherwise known around here as "the office"). The pouch is holding my Starbucks card, id card, a credit card (you know just in case the need to go shopping should arise) and my leelte pill holder for the day.

                It really is nice to not need to carry anything in my pockets beyond a house key. This is really an ideal size for what I was thinking...thanks a BUNCH!!


                  Many Thanks!

                  I received your gift in the mail yesterday and it was quite a surprise. My wife and I are taking an extended bicycle tour (6000 miles over 3-4 months) and this little bag will be perfect to keep cell phone, credit cards and insurance cards in. It'll make keeping tract of those important items very easy. It's like you read our mind and provided the perfect solution for our need. THANK YOU!


                    Love the Minni O Pouch

                    Thanks, I started using the pouch as a stash bag right away. Great for those few things that you don't want floating around your bag. (chapstick, eyedrops, etc). It's also nice that it seems water resistant. It rains a lot in Portalnd! I hope you make them in several sizes. How about a Brain Cell for my iPod. Make it big enough so that when it's in a skin case it will still fit. So when I want to toss it in my bag it will protect the click wheel and screen (what skins don't protect), like the Brain Cell with stiff sides and super soft inside.


                      I received my organizer pouch yesterday. What a nice surprise. Thank you very much.


                        I received mine. I think it will be perfect for loose change. Thank you very much!
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                          I especially love the way they clip into other bags. When I travel I keep my passport and other important papers in it, keeping them safe and accessible.


                            I've been using it now since I got it. It holds all my cards and cash which makes it easy to switch those essentials from one bag to another. I didn't want to carry a bag for St. Patrick's so I used the pouch with my essential cards and cell phone. It's great.


                              First Impressions

                              I walked into the office this morning to a package on the desk. At first I thought it was shipped in error but was pleasantly surprised to find the gift; I can think of much worse ways to start a Monday!

                              Thank you.

                              I want to give you my first impressions while they are still fresh in my mind then I will share more once I use it for a bit. I used pants pockets as the limiting factor, figuring bag pockets and such would accommodate after that.

                              1st Impressions:
                              1. A little long. I would shorten it to 1/2" longer than a credit card so it will fit into pockets better.
                              2. Lower profile zipper. I like the stoutness but I think a smaller mechanism would serve better for sitting in back pockets or being less lumpy in a front one.
                              3. I like the curved edges and think it was a good move for durability and ease of sliding into other pockets.
                              4. I like the 3D rotation on the clip but there are a couple things I would change. It should be removable. Their should be a leash incorporated into it so that you can clip it from the front or back pockets to a belt loop which would also keep the clip out of pocket if wanted. The ring which connects it to the pouch would be better off circular, so it will rotate in the fabric loop instead of pulling on the pouch when clipped.
                              5. If this is intended to be an every-day-use item maybe a double-stitched piping would be more durable? Not sure how much more cost that would add to the final build.
                              6. Love the material and flexibility to form to its surroundings.
                              7. I'm not a tag kinda guy but I like this one and the placement.
                              8. The simplicity is a big plus. Maybe one full-length divider inside for cash (I know - what's that)?

                              That's all for now. These are, of course, my opinion and we all know what opinions are like...

                              Again, thanks for the gift!!

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