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Mini Organizer Pouch

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    Wow. I just joined the list and already I have a surprise! Thanks.
    OK, here are my initial thoughts.
    1. I can see the case for making it smaller (credit cards and pocket) or larger (wallet), but overall it is a good size. It will be great for my id in my bike bag.
    2. I cannot see a divider in a bag this small.
    3. It looks as though the clip can be removed from the ball. I second the idea of a circular ring.
    4. A smaller zipper would be nice, but the larger zipper is easier.
    5. Smaller piping would be nice, but maybe too much trouble (expense).


      I am not sure what I would do with it

      I got the Mini Organizer Pouch prototype. But I am not quite sure what I would use it for. Its description says that it can be used as a small wallet. But my wallet keeps dollar bills, change, and plastic cards all in separate compartments which makes it easier to find what I need quickly.

      The Mini Organizer Pouch is one compartment for everything. Plus, it has a big hook. So, I guess it is meant for hanging it in another bag. But I am not sure what I can put in it to hang along with another bag.

      Cell phone -- No, because I will need to unzip when the phone rings. Too slow.
      Camera -- No, because it is not padded enough.
      My Macbook powerbrick when using the brain cell by itself -- No, because the pouch is too small to hold that.

      So, I am still looking for a good use for it. But, thanks anyway for sending the bag. I appreciate your effort to get feedback from customers.


        Originally posted by renegadeot View Post
        Are they like the end pocket of the Imago?
        Not quite like the pocket on the Imago. They're kind of like a really tiny version of a Soft Cell, except that they have a zipper closure and look like the Organizer PPouches. I used one over the weekend (Small size) to carry my iPod, and I really liked it.

        Also coming soon: Pouches with one side made out of a clear vinyl material.

        Originally posted by meldroc
        Though I may end up using it for those receipts to deal with the Constanza wallet problem...
        I totally do the same thing. Receipts build up in my wallet until it's unbearable and they start flying out when I try to remove cash to pay for something. I didn't think about using a Mini Pouch to store them...I think I'll do that!!!
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          Darcy, who are the special chosen ones who are receiving this pouch? :>


            There aren't any plans yet to send out the Padded Organizer Pouches or Clear-Sided Organizer Pouches to anyone...but we might in the future! I will let you know when they're on the site.
            Have a question? @Darcy (to make sure I see it)

            Current carry: testing new potential materials in the form of Original Large Shop Bags.


              I just got home from my first trip with my new Ego bag. It was great, but for a different thread. We came home to the piles of mail and I saw a package I wasn't expecting. Sweet! A little prototype from Tom Bihn! At first I couldn't figure out what I would do with something so small. I have a small and a medium pouch already and while the small one is a bit small for everything I am trying to put in it, I find the medium one a bit big (it only has my DS and some games in it. If I had a Lite I could probably reverse the pouches I use, but I have an older model DS.) Anyway, also in the mail was my new iPod headphones. Perfect! I can stow my new ones and my second pair in there. It turned out to be great. I have already clipped it to my Ego for my trip to work tomorrow.

              Thanks, guys!
              Proud owner of; Ego (first run) in Black/Steel/Deep Blue; medium organizer pouches in cayenne and crimson; small organizer pouches in olive, pink and storm blue; mini organizer pouch in sapphire; quarter packing cube; ego strips in crimson, plum, blue glitter and sapphire.


                I just got this in the mail! (Thank you!!!) It's a little bigger than half the size of the small organizer pouch, and I'm not quite sure what I'll be using it for yet. But like with the other organizer pouches, I'm sure I'll find some sort of really appropriate use for it =D

                It's the perfect size to hold my thumb drive, except that I'm using a small organizer pouch for that purpose right now, and I love the way the periwinkle contrasts with the crimson of my Ego, so that I am sure to notice if it is outside of the bag (that means I haven't put my thumb drive away yet).

                Hmm... maybe my student ID? Copy card? Surefire flashlight? Technically I think my camera could fit in there, but I am not that confident in the non-scratchiness of the interior (versus, for example, the soft backside of the cork in the Cork organizer pouch).

                I'll figure it out and let you guys know! =D


                  I turned mine over to my wife. She packs a regular bag to go to the gym and she immediately saw the Mini Organizer Pouch as a proper home for her gym ID card + Nano + headphones and it's a prefect fit.

                  It also fits her Sanyo Katana (RAZR-clone) like a glove. My Treo doesn't come close to fitting, even outside its case. I will be back with more commentary if my wife has anything good to say about the pouch.
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                    Got It! Thanks!

                    I just got the Mini Organizer Pouch.


                    I saw the envelope in my mailbox and then saw it was from Tom Bihn and said to myself, "Sweet! A new bag."

                    I like the card in there stating it is a prototype. Gave me that warm beta-tester feel.

                    I have the cork organizer pouch that you sent out in Christmas (?) in my Buzz bag and that works great to hold my Jimi, some $1s for bus fare and a USB Stick.

                    I got a business trip next week and I'll be using my Empire Builder for that. I'll see where the mini Organizer Pouch fits in and see how it does.


                      Ooo, I just got mine today. I saw it on my doorstop, blinked, and immediatly thought "No way!" *laugh*

                      It's... really f-ing cute. I haven't had a chance to use it yet, but so far my brain immediately hops to 'wallet', except that it doesn't seem to have the girth for my card flip (which is probably a good thing in disguise).

                      You sent me mocha.

                      I *love* mocha. :D

                      I like the smallness of it, while I very much enjoy the larger organizer pouches, they're often so large that they wind up being load-heavy and impossible to put outside of a bag. This one is small enough that it can hold essentials...

                      What I almost immediately thought of, was airport security. Picture id, a little cash for the vending machine, e-ticket. It's also a nice size for my iPod (but far too small for my pda). It's a nice size for essentials and second thoughts.

                      Thank you for the gift. I thought I was so lucky to get the last organizer pouch, and it was a one time thing. This little mail-out impressed the h*ll out of me.
                      1 {Grape Buzz} 1 {Crimson Smart Alec w/Freudian Slip}
                      1 {Mocha medium Cafe Bag w/optional waist straps}
                      1 {Steel/Wasabi ID bag w/horizontal Wasabi brain cell}
                      3 {organizer pouches} and one Aeronaut on order. Sig's getting so big I'm considering removing it.


                        I too was excited to receive the mini-organizer pouch in the mail. However, I can't quite figure out what to do with it. My current purse already has a small zippered pocket where I put my chap-stick, mints, and garage key, so the mini-organizer pouch is a bit redundant. I did try my cell phone (generic mid-range Motorola) and it was a tight fit.


                          Can anyone who got one one take a quick picture to share with the rest of us? I'm curious to see what this is, as I was going to get a small or medium organizer pouch.


                            Thanks Darcy - I just received my pouch in mocha - very cool!

                            My immediate thought is to use this for my iPod and headphones, but I'm sure I'll find other ways to use it also. I'll post feedback as I use it.

                            Thanks again!



                              Originally posted by JoshS View Post
                              Can anyone who got one one take a quick picture to share with the rest of us? I'm curious to see what this is, as I was going to get a small or medium organizer pouch.
                              Here you go!
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                              Have a question? @Darcy (to make sure I see it)

                              Current carry: testing new potential materials in the form of Original Large Shop Bags.


                                Thanks Darcy! Really nice of you to post the pic.

                                It looks cool. Do you guys plan to start selling these anytime soon?

                                Now that I started visiting your site again, everytime you come out with new stuff I have to hide my wallet. :D