Last Month, My Brain Bag has been used four times in
a day/weekend trips

The first
The other three were car only trips.

Both time 2 medium pouches were used as extra pockets and my cork pouch as a phone pocket, the soft inside is perfect for that.

On the first trip an exhausting car/train/shuttle buses/taxis/city trek combo. I carried a full Brain Bag all day long and my back did not kill me the next day.

On the car trips, my hubby carried his almost empty non-Tom Bihn laptop bag and my, full to the brim, Brain Bag from the car to the hotels.

He said that the Brain Bag was light!

Tom Bihn products were wonderfull!

However, I have to second the opinion of other forumites and beg Tom to make a garment bag.

We had to take fancy clothes. The garment bag I have is awfull to deal with, I paid a lot , (the equivalent of 3 Tom Bihn bags), for that "top of the line" piece of junk. This is the name I was calling that bag while repacking our clothes.

I believe my hubby is sold on Tom Bihn products and will get my Cork Pouch as soon as I can get my hands on the new padded and clear window pouches.