I've had one of the small padded pouches for about a month now. It cycled through a phase of experimentation where I tried to figure out what I was happiest putting in it.

I started with my DS Lite, which does fit quite happily but I'm always a little wary of getting it past the zippers without scratches. I briefly tried my ipod, but it's already in a pretty sturdy case so that felt like a bit too much protection.

Then, as I started carrying around crochet supplies and other things in my other three organizer pouches (two small and one medium), it started to collect random small electronic devices, and seems to have found its calling. I keep headphones, a headphone splitter, headphone adaptor for my game boy advance and my camera (poor little thing doesn't have a case of its own) in the small pouch, or any other wire or small device (or videogame cartridge) I need to carry that's too small for a case of its own. It's been a great way to keep small somewhat delicate things out of the way and not worry about them getting hurt in the bag (I have a knack for wearing out headphones very quickly).

Here are a handful of pictures(one w/headphones and other small stuff, one w/ DS lite, one of it standing and a gratuitous one of it in my Imago). It really is a normal organizer pouch that's padded. It holds its shape rather well too.
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