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large café bag

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    large café bag

    i have had this bag for almost an entire year now, and i can say with no doubts that it is the best bag i have ever owned. i went through three messenger bags in the year and a half before carefully deciding to spend the extra money on the café bag, and i am more than happy that i did. it has a perfect amount of space, and the magazine pocket really erased any doubts i had about it. (when i first bought it and was waiting on it, i didn't know that the 'zine pocket was there, so when it arrived, i was completely stoked.)

    i know the bags are not made to be waterproof, but i have survived two rainstorms with mine, and nothing got wet except the newspaper i was carrying in the magazine pocket.

    this bag and the customer service that came with it are truly stellar, and i've been recommending my face off ever since i got it. ^_^

    I just transfered my stuff to my Large Cafe Bag.

    Not only everything fits great, it is the perfect size and I got ready in half the time.

    The outside pocket is great to throw in the extra stuff I always seem to have forgotten until just out the door.

    I was even able to pack and take a cloth tote bag full of rain gear, I clipped an old shoulder strap to this cloth bag handles and was able for time to hold it in my left shoulder while my Large Cafe Bag was securely held by my left shoulder.

    While getting in the car, as a passenger, I was able to place the cloth bag in the back of the car then buckle up with my Cafe Bag still on, the bag was fully loaded with my usual gear and a hard plastic polyfile folder for my papers.

    After a stop for an errand, I removed the Cafe Bag placed it in the leg space of the front seat and it didn't move. I was able to reach for any of my gear

    I am delighted with my Large Cafe Bag

    My usual bag, a mini backpack with a complicated string closure and unrealiable velcro flap had me fumble all the way to the car. It would not stay on my shoulder, would not hold a letter size folder (forcing me to fight with an unstable backpack, my small gear, a folder and my keys) and it would always tumble the wrong way when placed in the leg space of the front seat of a car and be out of reach as soon as I put my seatbelt on.

    The last straw was when I spent a stressfull day on taxis, up and down buildings, on shuttles and on the train.
    I was very frustrated with that always in the way but essential bag.

    I was carrying a fully loaded Brain Bag with much comfort and ease and that little bag was too big to fit in the Brain Bag.

    I knew that there was a better way and I found it with the Large Cafe Bag.