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Medium Cafe Bag & Brain Cell

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    Medium Cafe Bag & Brain Cell

    As I was preparing to move from California to NYC last summer for school, my sister wanted to get me a going away present. I had gotten myself the then-new MacBook about a week and a half before my move, and I had been looking at the Tom Bihn site almost every day, trying to figure out what gear to get for my computer stuff as well as stuff to carry my everyday things.

    My sister and I picked out the brain cell for my laptop and the brain bag. I loved the brain cell but the brain bag was too much for what I needed at the time, so I sadly sent it back. Throughout the process, everything went so smooth, it was one fewer thing to worry about in my move.

    The brain cell has been absolutely wonderful to use, and it's served my MacBook very well. In one of my writing classes, a classmate had also just gotten a MacBook, and I showed her my brain cell and mentioned the Tom Bihn site. Within two weeks, she was sporting her own brain cell as well. =)

    One of the great things about the brain cell has been being able to use it with my existing messenger bags. Most of my existing messenger bags are great for my books and binders, but for trips around the city, they can be too much sometimes. That was when I decided to get myself the medium cafe bag (and I also used the ooportunity to get the absolute strap for my brain cell, which has paired so well with the brain bag).

    The medium cafe bag is elegant for it's simplicity and great for it's versatility. Alone, I can carry my journal, a notepad, my NYC mapbook, my wallet, digital camera, and still have room for a lot of the other random things I like to carry with me. On rainy days, it has kept my things dry. When I want to travel light with my MacBook, I carry my brain cell with a few papers in the mesh pocket, and I carry my cafe bag along as the perfect complement to bring along my power adpater, a book, some snacks, etc.

    This summer, I am commuting from uptown Manhattan to SoHo for a part time job. I am also going to school part time as well. On the four days I am working, the cafe bag carries everything I need to stay occupied during the long commute while keeping things out of my pockets (I'm not a big fan of having stuff in my pockets). I have taken it with me on several trips back to California and it has become my default daily bag. Where I used to shuffle things from one bag to another, I no longer need to do that with my medium cafe bag, and I've in fact given away some of the bags that my Tom Bihn products are slowing replacing! With my cafe bag, I know that when I am carrying it, everything I need is within arm's reach.

    I believe in Tom Bihn bags and love the quality so much that I recently sold another friend of mine on a Tom Bihn product, this time the large cafe bag. I recently placed an order for an Imago and a large cafe bag for my friend, and we both can't wait to get the order. I ordered two organizer pouches based on reviews and comments I've read in the forums and am sure that my friend will be ordering some too once he sees mine.

    Thank you for the great products!
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    What a great review! Thank you! I'm glad your TB bags are serving you well.

    We featured your review on our blog:
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